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Comment Smells of conspiracy... (Score 1) 306

One key component in the system is the "key server". Reading through their official site I could only dig up:

Directly after installation is the default for keyserver. Usually this is fine and you do not have to change this.

How do we setup a keyserver ourselves? Wouldn't it be even more pointless if we entrust the keys to the x-pire guys? Now they can sit back and see the embarrassing images rolling in.

Comment Re:Why not ban mandatory attendence of lectures? (Score 1) 804

In my place, the public libraries got a lot more to offer, and I never borrowed from the school libraries. I think it would be more fun to publish a paper free of any institution's name, putting a institution's name on my paper doesn't sound like a privilege. Anyway, you reminded me of the free access we have to the ACM digital library and such ... it's just my problem being not able to utilize resources well. Well, school is fun and we get subsidies and we get exchange opportunities...

But what about those who skip classes, don't go into the research field and pass up on all the competitions/exchange/internships opportunities? I had quite a number of friends who were just like that... the tuition fees far exceed whatever subsidies they get as a student, and they walk away in a few years' time with just a degree, which is good enough to land them with a decent job now. I bet their working abilities would be no worse if they didn't attend any of the examinations at school. They might even benefit from starting work a few years earlier...

Comment Re:Why not ban mandatory attendence of lectures? (Score 1) 804

I was thinking about the same thing. In my university, attendance requirements depends on the instructors. Some of them like to impose mark penalties on absence from class. Well... I didn't care and I skipped all the classes from my major. I feel that I could learn better by myself. But then a thought struck me, if I skip all classes in school, why am I still attending it and paying the tuition fees? Just for the degree?

Anyway, to Carolyn and others with similar difficulties: Sit in the front and learn to concentrate. Raise your complaints when your peers get annoying, but if even a screensaver could distress you that much you should find help from professionals.

Comment Re:None of the correlations seem particularly high (Score 2) 97

Quoting from the "official" reply on the wall

The measure for correlations used is r. We would actually expect the correlation coefficients to be low, since there are so much more to status updates not captured by the word counts. The correlations coloured are statistically significant, though. your observation is correct.

On the other hand, from my own experience, the decisive factors in determining the "popularity" of a status update are
1) real-life popularity of that person (you don't add only virtual "friends", do you?) and
2) that person's tendency to "like" and repeatedly comment on his own status updates
Now I'm no statistician as well and I have no studies to back me up. Duh.

Comment Is "efficient" the right word to use? (Score 1) 464

Seriously the one-queue idea sounded like the most "fair" set-up rather than the most "efficient" one to me. Sure, if your line's serving some pesky customer you've got a while to wait, but the other lines are still processing customers as usual, so the overall system efficiency isn't hampered much by your misfortune. What's more, you save the overhead of identifying and moving to the free cashier when you're in the queue head. I don't have a study to back me up, but it seems to me that multi-queue is less fair but probably more efficient when you've got lots of cashiers.

PS. "That other line is moving faster than yours" almost sound as if my line is moving the slowest, which isn't true from TFA. Just that my line's not the fastest doesn't make me feel that bad, it's probably not the slowest as well.

Comment "The cloud you can depend on" (Score 2) 128

That's what they told us.

Quoting from their site: "Reliable and redundant – Our datacenter is built using large amounts of commodity hardware. When one node fails, millions of other nodes pick up the slack. As a result, you gain all the benefits of an always-on and self-healing infrastructure, without ever having to configure or replace hardware."

So how did "a" hardware failure brought their cloud down? Anyway, a hardware failure still sounds better than a DDoS though.

Comment Re:What is the audience? (Score 1) 968

Let's talk about a perfectly common application then - typing in a foreign language such as Japanese or Chinese. You could change back and forth between your input methods to alternate between English and these foreign languages, but most of these support typing English when you press the Shift key, so it's much more convenient when you just want to put a few English letters here and there.

Oh right, so what has the Shift key got to do with Caps Lock? Remember how you capitalize without the Caps Lock?

Can't we just replace Shift to other keys for these quick English typing in ChromeOS you say? Well, which key should we use instead?

So I'm just a little confused as to why they would want to optimize this little key out. Perhaps they have such great rationales other than trying to stand out in the crowd? Or it's not for foreigners seeing that the pilot test is limited to the US only?

Comment Re:No engineering? (Score 1) 542

The subject matter, the grade level, the college, the course—these things are irrelevant to me. Prices are determined per page and are based on how long I have to complete the assignment. As long as it doesn't require me to do any math or video-documented animal husbandry, I will write anything.

It's nice to know that our beloved engineering is safe........for now.

Not really. There are engineering courses that do not require maths. From non-technical ones like "Engineers in Society" to technical ones like "Web Security" (of course it can involve maths but you don't need maths to write a paper on web security).

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