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Submission + - Halo: Combat Evolved remake expected November 15 (

An anonymous reader writes: Console gamers' love affair with Halo started on the original Xbox with Halo: Combat Evolved. And a major reason for buying the 360 was getting the ability to play another Halo game only this time in HD. Well, if you miss the original, or still have an Xbox hooked up just to play it, November can’t come soon enough for you. Joystiq has learned that not only is the game being remade for the Xbox 360, it will be released on November 15 in time for the tenth anniversary of the original release date.

Submission + - Firewall Father Wants WikiLeaks Prosecuted ( 1

justice4all writes: Cyber-threats should be taken seriously, and complex passwords should be dumped, says the father of the firewall, Bill Cheswick of AT&T

WikiLeaks’ head, Julian Assange should be prosecuted for putting lives at risk, and cyber-threats are dangerous because of the very democracy of the Internet, says Bill “Ches” Cheswick, the AT&T technical lead who is widely credited as the father of the firewall.

Cheswick has a lot of security opinions to share with eWEEK Europe, on a visit to London, but we need to sort out the paternity issue first. “Am I the father of the firewall?” he says. “There are probably about ten fathers of the firewall,”

This may be false modesty. If you check the Wikipedia entry on firewalls, his name comes first. He co-wrote (with Steven Bellovin) the first book on the subject in 1990 (Repelling the Wily Hacker), and coined the term “proxy”.

He remains a lead member of technical staff at AT&T, the former owner of Bell Labs, where he and Bellovin worked in the late 1980s to develop practical systems to keep malicious network activity out of connected systems.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Egypt: Lack of a Living Wage Desperate Measures (

frontwave writes: Could you live off a basic monthly minimum wage of $6.35? (I had to check a couple of sources to verify there wasn'(TM)t a typo) No joke. That's what the minimum wage is in Egypt and has been since 1984. Rioting in the streets in Egypt today did not suddenly emerge as an idea tossed around the social networking sites. It’s been simmering for decades.

Submission + - Art Meets Science At Kinetica Art Fair (

krou writes: The Kinetica Art Fair 'brings together galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups from around the world who focus on universal concepts and evolutionary processes though the convergence of kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology'. The BBC has a brief video looking at some of what's on offer, from a futuristic zoo and interactive art displays, to an artist with an ear grafted to his arm, the intention being to finally implant a microphone that is "internet-enabled" in order to transmit sound from wherever he is. There are more videos available on YouTube.

Submission + - Viacom Closes MTV Games (

eldavojohn writes: Both The Escapist and Joystiq are reporting that the MTV Games division of Viacom is being closed. After selling off Harmonix for an alleged equivalent of a single Red Lobster Gift Card, it turns out that Viacom's division known as MTV Games has little left on its plate. There's some bickering over missed performance based payments and MTV Games failed to secure a publishing deal for all the Rock Band games in Europe — which appeared to be the final nail in the coffin for them.

Submission + - Windows drops below 90% market share (

jbrodkin writes: Windows' market share has dropped below 90%, with all versions of the operating system now being used on 89.7% of PCs and other devices including smartphones and tablets. Some observers have pointed out that Windows actually dropped below 90% long ago according to some stat tracking organizations. But the latest 90% barrier crossing, reported by Net Applications, is still a significant one as it demonstrates Microsoft's failure to counteract Apple and Android in the world of mobile devices. When excluding smartphones and tablets, and counting only PCs, several counting organizations still put Windows at more than 90% share.

Submission + - Top 5 Weaknesses of Google Search ( 1

Pierre Bezukhov writes: Google Search is the king of search engines. However, for all its dominance and awe, this storied search engine has flaws. Below are the top 5 weaknesses of Google Search.

1. It's all about attention
2. Commercial websites clutter query for information/facts
3. Rankings are open to manipulation
4. It's a search engine
5. Spot news is given too much attention


Submission + - Microsoft makes Chrome play H.264 video (

nk497 writes: Chrome users will be able to play H.264 video — thanks to Microsoft. The software giant today unveiled the Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome, which will let users of the Google browser play H.264 video after it was dropped from Chrome over licensing issues. "At Microsoft we respect that Windows customers want the best experience of the web including the ability to enjoy the widest range of content available on the internet in H.264 format," said Claudio Caldato, Microsoft interoperability program manager.

Comment Re:Time for us westerners to wring our hands... (Score 1) 236

There are so many wrong things with what you just said. The Brazilian government offers many services to the middle-class. For instance, the federal universities are the best ones. And besides, one of the reasons people pay taxes is to transfer the wealth from the richer sections of society to poorer sections. It's like that in almost every country in the world, even USA.

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