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Comment Re:Obviously. (Score 1) 291

If it was indeed (sucrose) sugar, you probably could not taste it, mostly it helps darken the tan. High-Fructose Corn Syrup has a nasty, cloying after-taste that has ruined a great majority of what were once edible food items. I have to cook a lot from scratch these days to avoid disgusting ersatz "food" products. Read the ingredient list, most products also use hydrogenated oils which seem to be the reason most of y'all are so fucking fat. I have eschewed that particular by-product since the 70's because of the superior flavor of butter, but I think my health (certainly my waistline) is better off for it.

Comment Yankees don't drink chicory, Southerners perhaps (Score 1) 228

I've tried it, it wasn't much worse than brewing Bustelo. Lots of endemic "Coffee Substitutes" were used in the olden days.
I actually have a Gymnocladus dioicus in the yard, I suppose I'll try roasting up some seeds from that rascal someday. I also have some Arctostaphylos uva-ursi that I hear the locals smoked for fun before the Europeans got here. Depends on what you want to do with your time, I reckon.

Comment Re:Well, or Call? (Score 1) 228

Just my opinion here, but a lot of cocktail failure seems to hinge on the quality of the liquor in the mix. I use dry Bombay, (not that Sapphire dreck) with my black coffee on days when I want to go for a third or fourth cup before I switch over to beer. Kahlua and the Spiced Rums are exposed by coffee for the nastiness that they are; not really potable at all.

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 228

It is my experience that any bitterness is due to manufacturing practice. My coffee is pretty sweet, also I don't manage to extract a lot of the toxic congeners and caffeine that everyone else gets to choke down. That shit makes me jittery and sick, every time I foolishly drink someone else's version of "coffee". I always had a theory that rancid leftover oil in the brewer was responsible for the horrible acrid taste at Peet's on Vine Street. It is quite beyond my ken as to why people line up to buy that stuff, and I even heard that they were the inspiration for the whole Starbuck's entity.
OTOH, I can scarcely choke down any beer that does not have near-lethal dose of Hops. Go figure.

Comment Red Rock Hill (Score 1) 214

My personal criteria for home location is pretty much Climate, and Volcanic Activity. YMMV.
OTOH, in the part of San Francisco I'm in right now, my elderly neighbors are safe on the streets 24/7, I guess the shmoogs don't want to hike up the hill or something. One evening I noticed a neighbor had left the car windows open with four sacks of groceries in the back seat, all still there at 0800 the next morning. Looked like two hundred dollars' worth, at least.
We are under-supplied with dirtbags here, that's all. The phenomenal prices help.

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