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Submission + - Intel introduces wine-powered computing (

nk497 writes: Intel has demonstrated a proof-of-concept computing system that draws so little power it can operate off the chemical energy in a glass of wine.To illustrate the point, a presenter poured a local Californian wine into a glass fitted with a pair of electrodes, creating a battery capable of powering a simple computing device equipped with a CPU, accelerometer and wireless networking system. He explained that Intel was already working on “computing solutions so low[-powered] that in the future we’ll be able to power them with the heat of our skins, or the ambient light in the room.”

Submission + - Unintended Consequences: iPhone Fingerprint ID may Subvert 5th Amendment (

FuzzNugget writes: Wired points out how the iPhone's fingerprint authentication brings to light a disconcerting technicality in the right against self incrimination that you might not have considered: "Because the constitutional protection of the Fifth Amendment, which guarantees that “no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,” may not apply when it comes to biometric-based fingerprints (things that reflect who we are) as opposed to memory-based passwords and PINs (things we need to know and remember)."

Given that the contents of your personal electronic devices are a collective product of your private thoughts and personal memories, shouldn't that right, by extension, apply regardless of the authentication system?

Comment Re:All those things worked on tablets 15 years ago (Score 1) 185

Also missing that until the ipad, I'm not aware of anyone making a tablet UI that was significantly different from their desktop one. I have an old Fujitsu tablet running win-2000 that would be completely useless if I didn't also have the wireless keyboard. It had its uses, but Windows was the wrong interface for it. IOS, and Android are built around the touch screen, Win-8 looks to be an attempt to marry the 2 UIs (possibly to the detriment of both) While tablets have been tried before, they were alway better used like laptops than tablets. Now, they are optimized for the form factor. Microsoft may have the right idea with Win 8, one OS and 2 UIs, with docking capabilities, may help to create a device that can act as a tablet, and a family PC (sorry kids, I took the PC to work with me) There are already laptop docks for smart phones, why not laptop and desktop docks for tablets, when combined with an OS that can utilize both form factors?

Comment Re:No, its still an expensive toy. (Score 1) 185

For the vast majority of people, as far as I can tell, PCs are used as toys. Gaming has always been a major driver in the market. Outside of the IT sector, I don't know anyone that does anything on a home computer that can't be done on a tablet. Work computers are a different story, but to dismiss the tablet as a toy is the same mindset that missed the boat on personal computers and the internet

Comment Re:killer (Score 1) 185

I'm using a samsung galaxy, the 7.5" one, for business. With the RDP and VNC apps, I can do everything remotely that I used to carry a laptop for. Note that I did not say a tablet can replace a laptop for everyone, but in my case it can. We are also testing them, in conjunction with a blue tooth bar code scanner, for inventory control in the plant areas.

Comment Re:I guess they wanted free porn. (Score 1) 319

It is not illegal to read a news account, or work of fiction, about child porn. It is illegal to own it. This is a truly murky area here, but let me pose a question: Has the availability of regular porn (not child porn) slowed down the rate of unwanted pregnancies or or transmission of sexual disease in the world? I hate to sound like I advocate the idea of thought crime, but ownership of child porn shows an interest in sex with children. I don't for a minute believe that that picture is going to stop a child rapist from going out and raping a child, nor do I believe that viewing it will turn you into a child raping mega monster. I do see intentionally owning and viewing such items as a large step beyond mere fantasy, and while I don't think it is on par with actually raping a child, I think that collectors of child porn need to intercepted, and if not jailed perhaps treated. Also, owning an item that was illegal to produce in the first place does need to be illegal. At the very least you have willingly participated in the distribution of an illegal product, which carries certain responsibilities at any rate. Bottom line here is that regardless of whether you think ownership should be illegal or not, it is. Owners of child porn have already, by owning it in a society that punishes ownership so harshly, shown a lack of self control on the subject of child sex, and feel that it is worth the risk of literally life destroying consequences just to own it. Do you have children? Do you really want these people in society with your children?

Comment Re:your argument goes against basic economics (Score 1) 319

Porn viewers tend to get bored with the same porn over and over again. This is why there is more than one porn video in the entire world, and why there is an industry. If your sexual makeup requires that you view the abuse of children, the same image/video will not hold you for your entire life, any more than a normal, healthy adult will be happy with the same porn film for their entire life. purchasing that one tape just showed whoever made it that there is a potential for more sales, because that tape will not forever hold its appeal. It encourages the creation of more. I am sorry that you have more sympathy for the adult who knew the risks of said collection and lacked the self control to avoid it (regardless of how you feel about the law, it is a law and it is enforced) than you do for the child who was abused so that adult could get off.

Comment Re:and... (Score 1) 661

No, there are rules about what you can do on the public highways.

And remind me, whose airways was Steve planning on running his private plane through?

Just out of curiosity, do you think he can take down another plane with his throwing star?

Comment Re:3G Reception? (Score 4, Insightful) 443

I'm equally impressed with people's general inability to grasp that we are all individuals, with our own likes, dislikes, and priorities. What is a waste of money to you is a good choice for someone else. There is nothing negative about that, it means priorities differ. I won't be buying an ipad because the other priorities in my life far outweigh it, but I don't feel that people who make owning one a priority have some sort of problem. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Comment Re:What "sticky" really means (Score 1) 595

Losing my mod points here, but we need some honesty. Apple is not locking me into the iPhone more than any other vendor. The music is open, and does not lock me in. I was not able to simply move my bberry apps over to iPhone, any more than vice versa. same goes for Android and Win Mobile. move platform, lose apps. The media in there, not lost. The apps however, stay with the platform. Any platform, weather Apple or someone else. I also can't buy Photoshop for Mac or Windows and use the same copy on both. It doesn't work that way.

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