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Comment It depends on what you want. (Score 1) 372

An MBA is the most versatile, especially if you want to go into an industry other than computers (consulting, managing, etc). An MBA from a good school opens more doors than anything else. But an MBA looks a lot better with some work experience beforehand, and you might get into an even better school with good work experience and letters of recommendation. Even if you want to stick with computer work, it *still* depends. You hit it on the head: computer science is theoretical. Computer science done right is *science*. An IT degree is practically a vocational degree sometimes. What do you want to do? Do you want to design circuits or program for Apple? Go for science. Do you want to run some company's servers and workstations? Then go IT. Etc. What looks best on a resume depends on where you are submitting. This is something you have to figure out yourself.

Submission + - Firefox 3 AntiMalware does NOT send urls to Google (

An anonymous reader writes: The official developers guide of the Safe Browsing API by Google (here) indicates that there is no way you can query Google for a malware URL. Instead, you need to download the blacklist and ask for updates frequently. Then, you need to authenticate the list, canonicalize the URLs, split them into small parts, md5 hash them and compare them to the list. That does not sound like sending URLs to Google. You can also verify by looking at Firefox's source code. Last I heard, Firefox was open source.

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