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Submission + - SPAM: Coalition 'losing way' on green policies - campaig

hkkundariya writes: "The heads of 15 green campaign groups have written to the prime minister warning the government is in danger of losing its way on environmental policy.

The letter says the coalition should promote a green economy with "urgency and resolve" if it is to follow its vow to be the "greenest government ever".

The groups include Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the RSPB.

Downing Street says it stands by its record of protecting the environment and delivering a low carbon economy.

A year ago, David Cameron said the environment would be a top priority.

In their letter the campaign groups describe the pledge as a "great ambition" and cite the cancellation of the third runway at Heathrow, the decision to set up a green investment bank and a commitment to a Natural Environment White Paper as examples of a "promising start".

They say the coalition "started with a strong sense of purpose on the environment but is now in danger of losing its way".

They point to the proposed changes in the planning system which they claim will not provide enough protection for wildlife and the countryside.

The letter also suggests a zero carbon homes policy has been weakened and point to delays in giving borrowing powers to the new green investment bank.

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Submission + - SPAM: World's First Wi-Fi Mouse Has 9-Month Battery Life

hkkundariya writes: "HP has revealed a wireless mobile mouse that it says is the first on the market to connect using Wi-Fi. The mouse won’t require an easily misplaced USB dongle, and HP says its nine-month battery life is a lot longer than Bluetooth or wireless USB mice.

HP claims it’s easy to pair up the mouse and a Windows 7-equipped laptop, connecting with Wi-Fi without using an often-scarce USB port. The mouse’s range is 30 feet, similar to the distance most Bluetooth mice can operate.

Other than that unique Wi-Fi trick, this ambidextrous mouse is much like any other, with 1200 to 1600dpi resolution, five customizable buttons, a four-way tilt scroll wheel and a familiar-looking form factor. The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will be available in June for $49.99.

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Submission + - SPAM: 6 Things You Won't Believe Got Banned By Modern Go

hkkundariya writes: As much as we love thinking of ourselves as the rebellious kids fighting against an oppressive society run by unreasonable old men, the truth is that most things that are illegal are illegal for a reason. Society just doesn't enjoy your public urination as much as you do.

But sometimes, the grownups get it wrong. Hilariously wrong, in fact.

#6. NSA Bans Furbies
Good old 1998. El Nino dominated the news, Microsoft was sweating the antitrust case, and you could still put a gallon of gas in your car for about a buck and a quarter. As the year drew to a close, however, something had grabbed the world by the nuts even....

#5. Greece Bans All Video Games
In 2002, Greece's government wanted to crack down on illegal gambling; specifically, electronic gambling machines. Makes sense — these machines offer all of the money-sucking ability of a casino, but without the free buffet. The problem comes when laws regulating any kind of electronic entertainment are made by people too old or sheltered to have ever actually seen one. As a results.....

&
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Submission + - SPAM: How To Prevent The Top Five Most Expensive Repairs

hkkundariya writes: Here is one of your worst nightmares if you are an average American working hard to gut out the Recession with one car: You rely on your car or truck for your livelihood, either as a working vehicle or your only option to get to your job. You are just getting by, and can't afford new wheels if the current car or truck dies.

Then, like a punch to the gut, the mechanic tells you your master cylinder is shot, the transmission is a goner, or worse. The bill? It's in the thousands.

There are times when such calamities are going to happen. But there are measures we can take, and should take, that can help avoid the worst case scenario.

Last month CarMD Corp conducted a study and compiled the findings into what they called their Vehicle Health Index. CarMD is a device that plugs into your vehicle's under-dash OBDII data connector, and then downloads vehicle repair data, letting you know what's wrong with your car. Among the findings of the study were the top fifteen most expensive vehicle fixes in the US. Here at AOL Autos we decided to explore the top five most expensive repairs in depth in an effort to give you a tips on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

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Submission + - SPAM: New JQuery Boosts Web Site Speeds 1

hkkundariya writes: "A widely used open source library for simplifying Javascript-based Web application development has just gotten a performance jolt.

JQuery version 1.6, released on Tuesday, features a number of revisions that should help JavaScript-rendered Web pages run a bit more quickly ... read more."

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