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Comment Re:Quit complaining (Score 1) 578

the word you were needing to use is 'fewer'.
".., the less programmers you have who are .."
should read
".., the fewer programmers you have who are ..".
The general rule is, if you can count it/them, the correct word is 'fewer', not 'less'.

Sorry. It's just a fetish and pet peeve with me.

Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 237

Your anecdote gives a good idea of what it's like to quit 'cold turkey'. I congratulate you that you had the fortitude to accomplish that. Many smokers have tried multiple times to quit 'cold turkey' as well as programs involving both physical and emotional aids, with little or no success. The federal and state governments see this as a source of revenue, and refuse to recognize their failure to help a large part of their citizenry. Words are cheap, and actions speak much more loudly. Shame on them!

Comment Editing (Score 1) 857

It amazes me that nobody has mentioned how editing impacts this topic. A nicely hand written document may be impressive, but how many of us can actually finish a lengthy document in cursive without wishing we had said something a little differently? A hand-written letter to a friend is infinitely more personal than one from a printer, but here again we may have mis-spelled words and/or grammatical constructs that we may wish we had caught before laying our pen to the paper. The point I'm making is that even for those times when, for whatever reason, we want to produce a hand-written document, it would behoove us to use a word processor or text editor initially for the sake of checking our spelling and editing for proper grammar and context. Print it out or read it directly from the screen, transcribing in long hand to the paper.


Submission + - Video: Physics "To The Rescue" In Darfur? (

IConrad01 writes: "One of the primary arguments against the development of technologies that improve the human mind is a very odd one: that they will further the disparity between the "haves" and the "have-nots". The following video is a very visceral argument against this belief: imagine if instead of .01% of the population being geniuses, we had a mere 10%. With that thought in mind, watch this following video, located at Functionalism In Action — Video: Physics "To The Rescue" in Darfur?"
The Media

Submission + - Digging Deeper Beyond Evolution

Herman Cummings writes: "I read an article in The Daily Star, published on September 15th, titled "Evolution is the best theory we've got". I must disagree. It's only the "best theory" if you choose to stop looking for other explanations. It would also help if only those qualified to comment on certain subjects would be granted an audience, and the those not qualified would learn the facts first. Humanist supporters often claim that there is "overwhelming evidence" for the theory of evolution. That is non-sense. There is solid geologic evidence for escalating death of life forms on Earth since 700 Million BC, but that is no "evidence" for evolution. The question is "why were there periods of extinctions and restorations of life forms on Earth in the ancient past, at least six times?". If you have already made up your mind before examining the fossil record (of death), then of course you will come to such a biased conclusion. Creationism is not the opposing view of evolution. Everyone saying such is "uninformed" and do not know what the facts are. Creationism is the doctrine or the conviction that God created the Earth, the whole universe, and all life that has ever existed within them both. Once you venture past Creation Week (in 4.57 Billion BC), then you are no longer are talking about Creationism. You're speaking of restoration. There are no "creation accounts" in Genesis, as declared by the "foremost terrestrial authority" on the book. If you are listening to others that refer to "creation accounts" in Genesis, then you are getting misinformation. The first chapter of Genesis relates the "Observations of Moses", which are six 12 hour days that God showed Moses in 1598 BC on Mt. Sinai. Even though Moses did not understand what he was seeing, God was conveying to mankind that there has been previous dispensations of life on Earth that were restored, and later suffered extinction, multiple times. The second chapter of Genesis is only documenting the origins of modern mankind, starting in 7200 BC. Therefore the flood of Noah (2611 BC) had nothing to do with the deaths of the dimetrodons, dinosaurs, indricotheriums, and mastodons. So there are many "Bible believers" that are misrepresenting the Word of God. In closing, the news media is quick to report on the statements of evolution supporters, and seems to refrain from reporting on the statements from those that have an opposing view, or those that have a more "informed understanding" of the controversy. There is no "creation/evolution" contest. It doesn't exist. The "brand" of creationism that is closest to the truth is "Biblical Reality", which states that God showed Moses six different days which occurred in the past, with each day being taken from a different week, and each week being the first week in seven different geologic eras of mankind. Each day was a different day of the week, with the days of revelation being shown to Moses starting with Sunday, (on a Sunday) in "biblical order". But chronologically, the earliest vision starts with Wednesday (the Fourth Day), the only day of Creation Week which Moses was shown. Herman Cummings PO Box 1745 Fortson GA, 31808 (706) 662-2893"

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