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Comment Re:Damnit slashdot (Score 1) 570

> Or around 2/3rds the standard electric bill. We could save 1/3rd the electricity
> we currently use by using energy efficient appliances and turning off the lights
> and such, only to turn around and double our usage by plugging our cars in.

The thing is, you could have the vehicle plugged in at night which would make the
plant generating the electricity lots happier. Less use of the expensive and inefficient
generators used at the peak usage time, more usage for the cheap(ish) and more efficient base load
plants, like nuclear. Night time usage is also cheaper in someplaces.

Comment Re:Remove the artificial monopoly (Score 1) 299

This is also something that is going to happen in Finland, too. Damned if I know why, there is plenty of evidence and experience from abroad that doing this will fuck things up rather nicely. I'm guessing someone is planning on starting their own delivery company or ath the very least has plans on getting paid handsomely by such a startup.

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