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Comment Neo Fami and other clones (Score 1) 35

If Neo Fami is any indicator on the quality of the Pocket Fami, expect bad sound (way off key) and palettes that are slightly off. I'm not sure if the two are made by the same company, but I would expect ANY nes-on-a-chip clone to not quite reproduce the real thing.

It looks a little bulky and expensive compared to the Game Theory Admiral. You could probably find one of those for $60, still. If the screen is excellent, then it'd be worth it (if you wanna play your original carts).

Someone mentioned legal problems on the site... don't worry. this is completely legit. the patent on the NES/Famicom went up years ago. And most of the TV-Games you find in stores are based off the NES-on-a-chip. Just as long as they're not selling pirate carts with it, there's no copyright problems. Plus, the box says it is "FC Compatible", and it's up to your imagination to figure out what that means.

Journal Journal: Ipod

I got a 15GB ipod the other day to use in my car since my CD player is broken (aux in works though). I also installed tweeters on my dash. I like.


Journal Journal: School's not so bad anymore.

..... now that I'm done for the semester.

I can't wait for this semester, when I'll have to learn to "play the game" of interviewing. I hate HR bull#!$@ers: it's not "tell me about your past experience and how well you know how to write software". It's "tell me a time in your life when you've had a positive influence on someone". Seriously, I went through an interview for an internship that was soley comprised of questions like this. Nothing about any relevant skills (was an interns

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