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Comment Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 1) 394

It's a little bit more of a setup, but you can do most of this with downloaded / ripped shows as well. There are some clients (such as Plex - which allow you to most of the same functionality. You can pause shows and resume them on a different machine, or with the option of restarting. It does not have the nice feature of moving from one TV show to the next like Netflix does, but it does separate into categories (TV Shows and Movies) and can be searched for by genres, etc. The biggest advantage Netflix has over any sort of home media is the amount of media it has which can easily surpass the amount stored at home in HD and secondly, the redundancy of the servers so that you have minimal amount of outages.

Comment Re:Rather alarming (Score 1) 3

Well I'm not sure if the author was suggesting that at all. It was never said that there should be testing but I would assume if they are bringing the AGW debate to the table with dissenters included and that "Nathan Myhrvold's anti global warming scheme is an interesting idea that ought to be added to the debate over climate change," that it would be peer reviewed and tested. At least I would hope so, since I would feel rather nervous about artificially altering our atmosphere again. However, you know how twitchy politicians can be.

Comment Re:It's knowing when (Score 1) 429

Actually, I wouldn't even create a temporary compatibility layer since everything that is temporary in our code tends to stay in the base entirely too long. We had a similar issue when our project requirements could not be sustained by LLBLGen, the original accessor to our data persistent layer. As we phased out the LLBLGen, we created a service layer and abstract factory class which represented our DAL and was primarily developed with dependency injection and testing in mind. It has actually worked out really well since we are having to modify our data access layer again to compensate for data retrieval on the bus. It is a little extra work but allows for more flexibility in the future.

Submission + - RIAA's "Expert" Witness Testimony Now Onl

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The online community now has an opportunity to see the fruits of its labor. Back in December, the Slashdot ("What Questions Would You Ask an RIAA "Expert"?") and Groklaw ("Another Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain, Please") communities were asked for their input on possible questions to pose to the RIAA's "expert", Dr. Doug Jacobson of Iowa State University, who was scheduled to be deposed in February in UMG v. Lindor, for the first time in any RIAA case. Ms. Lindor's lawyers were flooded with about 1400 responses. The deposition of Dr. Jacobson went forward on February 23, 2007, and the transcript is now available online (pdf). For those who would like an ASCII text version they can cut and paste, go here. Ray Beckerman, one of Ms. Lindor's attorneys, had this comment: "We are deeply grateful to the community for reviewing our request, for giving us thoughts and ideas, and for reviewing other readers' responses. Now I ask the tech community to review this all-important transcript, and bear witness to the shoddy "investigation" and 'junk science' upon which the RIAA has based its litigation war against the people. The computer scientists among you will be astounded that the RIAA has been permitted to burden our court system with cases based upon such arrant and careless nonsense.""

Submission + - Language Copyrights: Death of Online Dictionaries?

toQDuj writes: Once upon a time, non-Danes could have the pleasure of understanding at least the written language using online dictionaries (
Funnily enough, the knowledge of turning one language into a (more) intelligible one, is now deemed copyrightable by publishers of dictionaries.
As can be read from the site, where the site owner has published the (two) cease and desist letters, no longer is this translation site to exist. The lawyers, on behalf of Gyldendalske Boghandel have requested the cessation of the site. In time, other publishers step in line and abolish all that is online translation-worthy.
The Courts

Golfer Sues Over Vandalized Wikipedia Entry 267

coondoggie writes "Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is suing to track down the author of what Zoeller says is a defamatory paragraph about him on the Wikipedia site. In an Associated Press story Zoeller's attorney, Scott Sheftall, said he filed a lawsuit against a Miami firm last week because the law won't allow him to sue Wikipedia."

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