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Comment Re:real science (Score 1) 672

[Citation Needed] - show me the research that says we're entering a cooling period. Yes, we SHOULD be in a cooling period due to the longer-time Melankovich cycles, but the existing record shows otherwise

Of course, carbon dioxide is a bit more of a problem that we're feeling for real, RIGHT NOW, not some couple of degrees C in the next few decades. There's no denying that digging up ancient carbon sources and pumping them into the air directly results in higher carbon dioxide levels.

Comment First Avast, now AVG! (Score 1) 318

I still use AVG, but thankfully not on my Win7 machine.

I had to switch an XP machine from Avast when a mandatory update from Avast caused problems on loading Windows a few months ago. Could only boot to safe mode, and uninstalling Avast cured it. Reinstalling did exactly the same thing so I dumped it for AVG

Work machines are all on Norton, which I must say has gotten better in versions 2010 and 2011. /me *DUCKS*

Comment Photo kiosks are common vector (Score 1) 190

My own experience with USB viruses was pretty thankfully not horrible, but annoying and disheartening. I brought a USB key full of pictures to a local store to have them printed, and when I got back home and put the stick in I was infected. Nothing serious, and easily detected and cleaned, but still annoying. I called the store to let them know, and asked to speak to someone in IT. After I while I talked briefly to a tech, let him know what I experienced, and suggested they turn autorun off, as it wasn't necessary. Shame on me, because two weeks later I went to print more pictures from USB, and yet again my key was infected. This time I had turn off autorun for USB (different and harder to turn off than for CD I found) and found the infection before it spread to my desktop. No I have what another user suggested in a directory named autorun.inf with all the flags on (system file, read-only, etc). Works for me. What I wondered about at the time is what one can do when you know of a virus vector, have informed that infected party, and they take no steps to prevent it. Are there places out there where knowing you have a virus, know you're spreading it, and don't do anything is illegal?

Comment Re:You know (Score 1) 356

As another Comcast business customer I couldn't agree more. The service is stellar when they give you a direct line to the local sales and service guys. I've never had it go down, always had speeds as advertised, and the phone services just works. However, as a previous residential customer of Comcast in several different locations around the USA, I would have to say that they treat the residential customers like dirt. Good luck getting your service as advertised, and there's nothing you can do if it isn't. I've seen net connections throttled, packet sniffers drop torrents, and even TV service that's gotten choppy.

Comment Re:SC2 will require internet to install (Score 1) 206

That's really gonna help keep the game out of the office LANs isn't it?

One of the great things about the first 'Craft was being able to install and play either single-player or LAN-based multi from a copied disk. How many offices lost hours and hours of productivity to that feature?

On a related topic - I'm not too happy about the multiplayer for another reason. Why connect to some distance server for all that traffic when the overhead could be kept on the local LAN for strictly local gameplay? Especially when the game "checks in" on installation, which presumably would prevent rampant theft.

Comment Re:Court first then cut. (Score 1) 263

Well thank you clarifying my point, as we appear to be in COMPLETE agreement on this, and you have just added more to my comment. What I had said was that DOWNLOADING music was fine, but that using a BitTorrent client to do that also typically makes those files available for download by others. Even if you're download them ethically (i.e. you already own the license through ownership in another format) you are still distributing those files unless you're just LEECHING.

It is that SEEDING activity that will get you unless you're careful enough to not distribute.

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