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Submission + - Aussie and NZ fans fed up with Nintendo (

hinki writes: Interesting report made by a reader from Aussie Nintendo regarding the release schedule of Nintendo games in Australia.

From the article:
In an email to A-N, Davies said, "I have recently penned a formal report relating to the common delays of Nintendo's Wii software releases, specifically in the regions of Australia and New Zealand. After listening to your most recent Podcast, I can tell you too are concerned about this issue. Consumers around our regions are getting bullied and manipulated into unfair and borderline illegal region locking that prevents Wii owners from importing the much earlier released US versions of software."

I for one am sick and tired of waiting up to 6 or so months for an english game to come to Australia! It's good that we can import DS games, but we can't import Wii games as our console is region locked. The thing is, the console can support NTSC games (e.g. before the last Wii update, you could use the GameCube freeloader to play NTSC games on the Wii). So it's ridiculous that we have to wait so long for games.
Would be interesting to compare the release schedule of Nintendo Australia with the release schedule of Xbox and PlayStation in Australian compared to US/Europe.


Submission + - to make Mii "stuff"

boywundr writes: "Hey, I found this site,, while surfing the web for Mii stuff. It's cheaper than the other ones out there and seems pretty cool. On the one page they have a Flash program that you make the Miis on and then get it printed on shirts and stuff. The My Account area's pretty cool with the Mii images there instantly after you make them."

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