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Comment Re:I was really looking forward to it too. (Score 1) 157

Well don't know what people are moaning about played for about 4 hours last night. Not a single fps drop, no alt tab crashes (I alt tabbed alot as I was streaming the session at the same time!) no weird geometry issues it all just worked perfectly. Its not like my PC is even on a latest gen gfx card its only a 970 card and a i7 4790k. Perhaps if people stopped insisting on running 20 million tsr's and program helpers and taskbar tools they'd have less issues with conflicts between programs. Don't believe me (black bits are where I alt tab as program is full screen not windowed)

Comment Who cares (Score 1) 152

Considering ISO certification costs money and most companies refuse to spend money on stuff that isn't ISO 9001 then very few will probably get it. Most dedicated software houses I've encountered seem to prefer getting the TickIT certs instead of ISO certs for actual code certification but nobody bothers with the testing side of things.

Comment Re:I wonder how much damage... (Score 1) 285

We're migrating people onto libra office and OWA from the exchange server there's really very little need for dedicated outlook the web mail side of exchange is actually very good though it could do with some work on its signature support and drag and drop to attach files but for the most part its fully serviceable.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 393

No it doesn't, overall PC ownership isn't in decline its just people are stopping buying pre-built from places like HP, Dell etc.
Alot more people are building their own or having their own built which do not count towards these figures. I'd also be highly surprised if all the thousands of "boutique" sellers of complete systems on places like ebay are counted towards the figures too.
If pc sales really were in such decline you'd see an awful lot of component suppliers going under like scan, ebuyer, newegg for you americans etc. Not seen any of them go under yet and theres even more boutique high end PC sellers around now than there was 2 years ago when all this doom and gloom started.

Its purely the old guard that's struggling there's nothing to see here move along let them all rot away in peace we'll be better off without them

Comment Re:Wake up (Score 1) 524

Perhaps the car route was a little incorrect but the point still stands.

Obviously anything outside of spec IS paid for that I fully agree with but if I specced the system to add 1 + 1 and your system returns 16 then that is a bug/fault/defect and I'm not paying for it resolving. There is always the muddy ground in the middle where the spec was 99% there but missed one thing and thats open to discussion I've not found a contractor yet that wouldn't do say "10 mins extra" just to finish off that little bit to keep me happy so I'll reuse them again.

There's abit of both ways here and both sides have to agree, but out and out bugs aren't paid for as you're providing a product that "isn't fit for purpose" the purpose being the spec. Now if your product meets the spec 100% and still doesn't function as the end user requires or the spec writer expected then thats not a software bug that mis specced and I (not saying what others do here) would certainly be paying for it as its been MY fuck up not the contractors.

I say the above as someone who contracted as a software developer for 20 years and I'm now the owner of a software development house with 20+ inhouse developers. I use contractors when I need additional hands on to deliver larger projects within required time scales. (Note I say contractors not freelancers as most people mix them up)

Comment Re:Wake up (Score 1) 524

I don't pay for bugs either! My standard contract for contractors is that the project must be completed to specification (I allow for overruns and spec changes etc) but I expect the final product to be defect free at sign off and the contractor to provide bug resolution and support on any code they have produced at no additional cost.

Expecting someone to pay for bugs is like buying a new car with a broken gearbox then having to pay for a new gearbox ontop of the initial purchase.

Comment Re:Where are the games? (Score 1) 782

Its ok I watched most of the presentation thinking wtf do I care about NFL or ESPN the entire presentation was only really relevent to US based users what do the rest of the world get or is it going to be like the current generation where if you're outside of the US you loose a large chunk of functionality for no reason.

Comment Re:Priority Failure. (Score 3, Informative) 338

My first ADSL connection back was with BT it was a 512kb service it was nearly £80 a month and came with a block of static IP address's 7 in total but lnly 5 usable as one was reserved for the router and one was your personal gateway on their network their little black router also had no NAT facilities.

And it was CONSUMER level not business level :)

Comment Re:On the other hand.... (Score 1) 338

Wonder if it'd open up the potential for exploiting since you and other subscribers are potentially on the same vlan kinda perhaps you could packet sniff it or find out the internal ip's of the others in your nat session. Perhaps you could simply just get yourself ddos'd taking out your entire nat block for connectivity and simply reconnect your own router to get a new nat block.

I suspect this won't end well.

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