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Comment It's Google's Fault (Score 1) 489
"Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal."

So if your site doesn't have HUGE buttons/links, tons of whitespace around elements so a finger doesn't hit two controls at the same time, and small bite sized paragraphs that fit on a phone screen, you get deranked compared to sites that do.

Comment Theaters Find New Ways to Make money (Score 1) 142

The local theater chain near me now has "Prime Seating". They changed the color of the two rows of seats in the exact center of the auditorium, and CHARGE EXTRA to sit in them. If you sit behind those seats (which now have reclining mechs) you get the "priviledge" of having your knees attacked as if you were on an airliner.

I'm waiting for them to bring in the pay toilets and parking meters soon.... :P

Comment Ads During Programs (Score 1) 242

They'll just overwrite the bottom of the screen with an ad played DURING the show. Networks are already doing this to advertise their other shows, and they'll just expand it to products now. Welcome to the CNN version of TV viewing, where the "crawls" shove the content you want to see into a teeny window in the upper right corner...

Comment What the new Xbox is _really_ for... (Score 1) 572

Haven't you got it yet? The new Xbox isn't about GAMES anymore, it's about selling people's eyes to advertisers. These consoles are being used more for displaying media, rather than games. The mandatory Kinect and internet connection are a means to tell advertisers how many butts are in seats, watching their ads.

Want to see what the future will be like? Watch "15 Million Merits" -

How about media that won't display unless your butt is in the seat, watching the ad?

The new Xbox will be one way to achieve that, EASILY.

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