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The Almighty Buck

Failed MMO APB To Be Resurrected As Free-To-Play Game 90

Two months ago, we discussed news that Realtime Worlds' action MMO APB closed its doors only a few months after launch, when it became clear that player interest and subscriber numbers couldn't begin to recoup the massive development cost. A few days ago, a company called Reloaded Productions, owned by free-to-play publisher GamersFirst, acquired all the rights and assets to APB. The company plans to relaunch the game as APB: Reloaded in the first half of 2011, abandoning its unusual business model in favor of free-to-play accounts supplemented by microtransactions and premium services.

Comment CLAMP's Manga/Anime Chobits (Score 1) 226

CLAMP's Manga/Anime Chobits shows possible relationships between humans and "persocoms" or personal computers shaped like human beings.

In one scene, a wife finds herself locked out of her home by her husband, because he was so "involved" with his female persocom that he locked the door to the apartment for the night because he forgot his wife hadn't returned home yet.

Comment This is great! (Score 5, Interesting) 146

This is great! But who owns the code? The NY Times article says that you aren't given your code, you have to view it through the company's viewer.

Also, who owns your genetic code in a larger sense?

I remember a funny science fiction story, which maybe isn't so funny anymore.

A football team attempted to patent the genetic code for one of it's star running backs, so they could clone him and assure the success of the franchise forever. When he complained, he was told he should have read the fine print of the contract better...

The football team's legal team were trumped, when his parents stepped up and proclaimed thier rights as the original creators of this particular bit of intellectual property...

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