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Comment ASUS RT-AC68U, Stock Firmware (Score 4, Informative) 427

I very recently replaced my faithful WRT54G with an ASUS RT-AC68U router. Over several weeks, it has never had an issue. I am running a mix of 802.11ac/g/n clients. Range and performance are fine. I live in an apartment with a very crowded 2.4GHz band and it still blasts through fine. The 5GHz band isn't as crowded and is great for the N and AC clients--wish the Chromecast had support for N on 5GHz. And if you want a slightly-tweaked custom firmware, a hobbyist developer maintains the Merlin firmware that is widely admired and used.

Comment Tivo Series 3 Keeps on Going (Score 1) 178

I bought one of the first of the Tivo Series 3 HD units in 2006, along with lifetime service. I just upgraded it to a 2TB hard drive, as well as replaced a few failing capacitors on the power supply. The hardware is very well suited to someone who wants to do repair work, with easy access to the internals. I'm using it for OTA broadcasts and find the interface responsive and very usable. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of the thing.

Comment Re:Facebook and Google and the NSA (Score 2) 323

There was an interview this morning on NPR with James Bamford where he claims the NSA has prisms installed on major fiber optic backbones to get their own duplicate direct feeds. So that's why they call the operation "Prism". See

Submission + - T-Mobile Throws Down the Gauntlet Over G2 Rooting (

highvista63 writes: In an article sure to inspire those working to root the new Android-based T-Mobile G2 cellphone, the company has announced that the phone "stores some components in read-only memory as a security measure to prevent key operating system software from becoming corrupted", thus also protecting it from rooting by a "small subset of highly technical users who may want to modify and re-engineer their devices at the code level." When will they learn...

Comment Re:I want a new version of the G1 (Score 1) 233

Right on! I totally agree. The G1 has a great layout of keyboard and hardware buttons. It really irks me to see so many of the upcoming Android phones lacking a hardware keyboard. I don't want an iPhone clone with only one button and a virtual keyboard. It's one of the reasons I chose an Android-based phone in the first place.

Comment Need More Sets with Hardware Keyboard and Buttons (Score 1) 141

There are some great Android phones coming down the pike, but I wish there were more with a physical keyboard and buttons. I have a G1 and wish HTC would come out with a "next generation" version with essentially the same layout but larger screen, more memory, better processor, etc. Getting rid of the call and end buttons arranged linearly at the bottom of the set seems a mistake. One example of lost functionality is the three-finger reboot available by holding down the call, menu, and end buttons simultaneously.

Comment Re:Geeks should appreciate mechanical l33t (Score 1) 778

It's possible for a particular quartz watch to have much higher accuracy than the +/- 15 sec/month average. It's mostly the luck of the draw without some method of internal temperature compensation. For a great deal of information on high-accuracy quartz watches, check out the High-end Quartz watch forum at

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