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Comment Re:Darrell Castle (Score 1) 447

Yes, although since I live in a red state it won't affect the outcome. I also am not a CP member, although I frequently vote for them in the actual election.

It would be very nice if the primary election occurred like the general election. Pick a day, and everybody votes for their party's candidate slates. When the day is over and the votes are tallied country wide, you have your slate of candidates for the general election.

I, and a huge block of Americans, are tired of not really having a say in who actually represents the party we belong to since many good people are forced to drop out before the primaries even occur in our states, skewing the race to the best funded people. Look where that got the R/D parties this year.

Skip the conventions. Nobody cares about the "platform" garbage except the elite party poo-bahs who attend. It isn't like they are going to follow those scripts anyway. Let the primary votes each candidate gets on a given day country wide be the deciding factor and not some back door caucus or super delegate influenced wink wink nod nod pile of crap.

Then take care of the constitutional electoral party and let the general election results country wide be sufficient. Yes, the existing systems have survived for a couple of hundred years. No reason we can't move forward just a bit. We still aren't riding horses and buggies - well - at least most of us aren't. Let's move forward in this aspect of our government as well.

Comment Who cares about events? (Score 1) 114

How about all the cell phone service providers increase the number of towers so you can get a reliable signal in buildings and not have to go outside to make a call. That'd make a lot of customers far happier in the long run than the inconvenience of not being able to use your cell phone at an event where you're most likely not wanting to be bothered with a call at all and are likely to be asked to keep your cell phones OFF.

Comment Re:She makes money off of H1-B outsourcing (Score 1) 482

Whether it is competitive or not, no company really pays taxes. They just take them out of the income they get from sales and remit them to the appropriate taxing authority. So the end purchaser pays the taxes. It would be better to own up to that, reduce prices for goods, eliminate taxes and all the legalese required to collect it, and just increase the individual tax burden to compensate for any differences. It's that eliminating the legalese in the tax code that is the toughest to achieve because it would take legislation to accomplish and the legislative leaders ... well, I'm trying to be nice today.

Comment Re:She makes money off of H1-B outsourcing (Score 1) 482

You can also alter tax policy. It does cost money and particularly time to transport cheaply from China to the US. Eliminate corporate taxes since they are passed on to the customers anyway and you'll have more US based manufacturing. Whether it would completely fix the problem or not is anybody's guess - but it would put a dent in it.

Comment Re:Why the upset? (Score 2) 693

I also seriously doubt they will ignore it - Cameron is resigning after all. But the vote was still very close. It wasn't 80/20, 70/30 or even 60/40. It was very close. A case could be made for there not being enough of a mandate to make a huge change in the country prudent.

Comment Re:Suburbanites w/ 10Mbps to pay for farmer's giga (Score 1) 147

People are already leaving farms and ranches in droves. Small towns are disappearing. Small farms are getting bought up by large corporations. There are a host of reasons for this and the vast majority of them won't be fixed by cheap fast internet. But in my view, the internet access is no different than electrification. Nobody would be expecting farmers to work their farms without electricity.

If internet access was not available in your city of x million and only 15 people wanted it - scattered throughout the entire city and suburbs and you were one of them who wanted it how would you feel if the providers refused to provide any access because they couldn't make a profit on just 15 folks. You can make the argument that you could move - and that is true. But the farmers and ranchers are stuck to the land and can't move. They do have some limited options for internet access - but nothing that would ever be considered broadband.

I don't object to escrow or other options that people are suggesting to force them to actually provide it and keep it going before getting the money - I'm just not of the opinion that anything will be done under those terms.

Comment Re:Suburbanites w/ 10Mbps to pay for farmer's giga (Score 2) 147

Don't know about your circumstances, but I'm happy to subsidize them because I like to eat what they grow and raise. Everybody can talk about competition and how eager companies should be to provide electricity or internet in this day to the rural sticks, but no company is going to do that on its own at a price any farmer or rancher is going to be able to pay. Maybe if they get gigabit to the rural sticks the prices will come down where I live.

Comment Re:Why do people getting so stupid about this? (Score 1) 376

While you never have to reboot, you should reboot after new kernels are installed. Otherwise you don't get the security patches. In addition, while most other things will just work the next time the program starts with new libraries, some things like glibc upgrades are used by most everything and also really need a reboot so all running programs get the new patches. Logging out and restarting the X server will generally make sure that any update that affected the display manager will also get the new changes without a full reboot. At least you can do the reboot when it's convenient for you.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 486

The Bible records verse after verse of the wants and desires of God in both the Old and New Testament - and these are just the verses relating to mankind.

As for God's original plan, I'll take Christ's word for it (Mt.25:41). It is just as likely that the concept was well known from ancient time and got passed to many false religions as that it was incorporated into Judaism from another source.

As for your list of primary Jewish historical figures - just like today - He told them what they needed to do to get and stay right with Him. That is the important thing in religion and the Bible. There is no point in dwelling on written descriptions of the results of failure (immediate or eternal) - concentrate on what needs to be done to succeed. Certainly there were enough instances of the wrath of God against people who were not following His will to suffice.

You do have free will in heaven, there is the possibility of sin in heaven, and you can be thrown out of heaven. Satan and the angels in heaven that followed him when he rebelled had free will and sinned. Although they have not been banned from heaven at this point in time (see Job and Rev. 12:10 for references), it will not be their eventual home (Rev. 20:10-15).

The Bible gives no reason to believe that humanity in heaven would not have the same potential problems to contend with. One of the reasons people in heaven are allowed to view the horrors of hell is to remind them to do the right thing (Isa 66:22-24). Clearly, during the millennial period man will still have free will because at the end of it some choose to team up with Satan again in one last attempt to overthrow God (Rev 20:5-9).

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 486

Hell was created for Satan and his followers. It was not originally there because of man.

God created man to be His friend. He walked with them in the garden and provided for them. It was their free choice to disobey his very minimal commandment for maintaining that relationship.

Once they decided of their own free will to break their relationship with Him, life got harder for man. It was man's responsibility to pass on God's requirements to each succeeding generation. Man failed at that as well, and Satan muddied the waters with a bunch of false religions because he wants everyone to end up in the same place he will. We did take over his planet after all.

But even today, God's requirements for salvation are simple. Accept Christ as Savior and repent of sins. Christ summed up the commandments to follow as love God and love your fellow man as you would love yourself. Restoring a right relationship with God is easy. Repentance might be hard depending on how you have been living your life. But the Holy Spirit is there to help you in your walk. All you have to do is open the door and ask. He's already knocking.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 486

Whenever you place your eyes on an individual, you will be disappointed, for humanity is sinful by nature. Whenever you put your eyes on a religion, you will be disappointed, for religions are made up of a mass of humanity. Fix your eyes on Christ who is the example and finisher of our faith and is who the Christian church and Christians should be trying to follow. His set of commands were a much tougher standard to live up to than many in the Old Covenant.

We don't get it right all the time. Particular powerful people in the near and distant past have gotten it wrong, acting in the name of Christianity, and have damaged its name. But Christ did it right. Many, many other Christians get it right far more often than they get it wrong. The ones who do still fail make the headlines and get what they've done picked up by a largely hostile press because Satan is trying to destroy Christianity. Shakespeare said "the evil men do live after them, the good is often interred with their bones." That is still just as true today as it was when he wrote it.

Each person will have to answer for themselves before God one day for what they've done and what they haven't done that they should have done. Those who went against God's will in His name will answer for what they have done. Those who went against God's will in another religion's name or outside of any religious influence will also answer for what they have done. Give Christianity a chance. Just be willing to forgive us when we goof up and if you look around some you'll find a group that will overlook your flaws as well. There are some who can take a solitary path and still be the person that God wants them to be, but it is easier with fellow believers. Just let the fruit of the Spirit grow in you while you're waiting for it to grow in others.

Reading some other comments in the discussion, understand that God's standards and eternal consequences will be applied equally to everyone. Christians don't always show God's love to people the way they should and this is particularly true for people who are outside of the norm of the group. But love does also mean caring about where people end up for eternity. That is ultimately what should be important to each individual. God's word is black and white on many issues that the world wants to see as all white or at least grey and white. God isn't going to change His standards just because man wants Him to. Expecting Christianity to change or modernize its morals to make a sinful world feel comfortable is unrealistic. Repentance is hard in many cases, but it is what God expects. We need to show Christ's love to everyone, but understand that like the woman taken in adultery Christ forgave and then said to go and sin no more.

Comment Re:If they can't keep a meeting secret, how can we (Score 1) 153

The 6 day time frame was just to restore Earth to a habitable state again and repopulate it after He wiped out Lucifer's kingdom by a flood. That said, not having a committee to deal with or regulations to adhere to was probably a time saver. The next judgment is also going to be apocalyptic.

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