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Comment Re:That happens when its BOTH high-fat and high-ca (Score 1) 507

I'm going to have to take issue with some of what you've said here.

First, exercise is not going to have a significant impact on weight, certainly not in the amounts you're talking about. It simply doesn't burn enough calories. Your 150 minutes a week of brisk walking burns 870 calories. That's about 4oz of fat burned off. Exercise is good for your health, oh yes. But don't count on it for weight loss.

Second, bread takes considerably longer than that to make. Sure, you can bake bread in an oven in a half hour. But that ignores the time measuring and combining ingredients, kneading the bread, waiting hours (sourdough) for it to rise, folding the dough and waiting again, and waiting an hour after baking for it to finish. I bake my own bread whenever I have the time, but I would never try to claim that it only takes a half hour.

Comment Re:wow... (Score 1) 541

That's as may be; I'll grant that Steam makes no effort to prevent non-Valve publishers from implementing whatever hairbrained schemes, DRM, DLC or otherwise, that they wish. But when it comes to Valve games, I've always been able to play them offline.

And the GGP's claim that the outage made all Steam games unplayable for an entire evening is rather more general than your assertion about a part of a particular game. I was not trying to play any Steam games during the event in question, so I cannot say whether or not it's accurate. I will say that it is at odds with my personal experience playing Valve's games on Steam when Steam was unavailable.

The only way I can make my experience match the assertion is if the context is rather narrower, for instance if the GGP's universe is multiplayer, so "all games" would mean "all games having multiplayer," and "unplayable" would mean "can't be played in multiplayer." In that case, the issue is not really about DRM, but about the player-hostile act of making a multiplayer game that relies on the presence of servers at a particular Internet address in order to function.

Comment Re:wow... (Score 2, Insightful) 541

Really? I've always had decent success playing in offline mode. I have some temporary network configuration that keeps me off the Internet, I start a Steam game, it complains that it can't find the Steam servers, and asks me if I want to play in offline mode. I click the Yes (or Okay, or whatever) button and away I go.

Comment Single Molecule (Score 2, Funny) 169

In a follow-up session, the Zurich researchers announced that by this time next year, they hope to have imaged two molecules. "We won't stop there," said one scientist, "We plan to image ten, then a thousand, and so on until we are able to image an entire piece of, say, fairy-cake."

Comment Re:I love Eve Online (Score 3, Interesting) 194

I was in EVE for 17 months, playing between one and 10 hours a week (3 was typical), between fall '05 and winter '07.

I was in a corps, and the most exciting group activity we ever did was... mining in .4 space.

Perhaps this was a mistake, but I concentrated on leverage skills first (learning), then ship-handling and combat. I hunted rats rather than mining.

I never got powerful enough to spend time in .4 space, let alone 0.0, and it took forever to make enough ISK to buy a new skill (at 4.5M ISK per skill).

Eventually I realized that I was never going to get anywhere playing three hours a week, and cancelled. I don't like grinding; I get much more fun/second out of single player games, even grindy JRPGs, and session-based multiplayer games like Freelancer or Halo 3 or Unreal Tournament 1 than any MMO.

That's not to rag on MMOs; my player style is simply unsuited to them. I'm a tourist with a little completionist, and almost no perfectionist tendencies.


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