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Comment Re:A tethered design more realistic in near term (Score 1) 267

For radiation shielding, they suggest to use the "consumables", which probably means fuel, raw materials, equipment and water.

And left-overs, after a while, unless they have a way to reprocess astronaut output.
I look up and all I see are the lights of a billion places I'll never go. Well, a few hundred.

Comment Re:Rare, one-letter Twitter username (Score 1) 448

...there can't be more than about a hundred of those....

I find your faith in Unicode disturbing. Or UTF-8. Or, whatever

Or do you only use one handful of fingers to count? (26 base 10 = 101 base 5)

Apologies to people whose real character set exceeds 100 glyphs.
Let me know when a 3d printer can print replacement printer cartridges.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 401

...willing to risk the destroyer screen to protect the valuable carriers...

That's what destroyers are for - relatively inexpensive perimeter defense for valuable core assets.
Flying is the second greatest feeling you can have. Landing is the greatest feeling you can have.

Comment self-plagiarism? (Score 1) 314

How can one possibly plagiarise oneself? Plagiarism is presenting the utterance of another as one's own.

Surely this is merely repetition. If he assigned away copyright to the first utterance, it could be copyright violation, and that is probably a felony offence.
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