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Comment Re:Why should? (Score 1) 397

It'll be bigger than a house, but you are also wrong. The amount of waste from US nuclear power plants for the last 40 years fit in one football field. What is your source?

"Over the past four decades, the entire industry has produced 74,258 metric tons of used nuclear fuel. If used fuel assemblies were stacked end-to-end and side-by-side, this would cover a football field about eight yards deep."

Comment Re:Restore the human element. (Score 0) 211

On the flip side, if you don't have to risk your life to do the killing, you might be more controlled in your killing. More deliberate, fewer deaths overall, no murder rampages from unbalanced soldiers. If the system is set up right, all drone operations could be recorded and reviewed. There can be more accountability. I'm not saying that military is actually doing this, but the potential is there.

Comment Re:Size, range and much hype... (Score 1) 191

And I assume that civilian installations are not EMP protected. I think blowing up a few key electrical utility installations can do a great deal of damage. Think a large fraction of the east coast for example without electrical power, and no ability to restore it for at least days if not weeks. I assume these EMP devices are not nuclear, so they would perhaps be easier to smuggle as well.

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