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Comment Bad Idea (Score 1, Interesting) 404

"...and that an ethical line needs to be drawn somewhere."

Yeah. The line is, 'Don't do it'.

Hollywood has plenty of new, undiscovered, actors. This only allows for the studio executives to cash in on famous titles, by developing terrible sequels that should never be made. i.e. Terminator 3, or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

..Or maybe this great power could be used for the forces of good. Ooh! I know! They could finally make Rocky X.

Comment What are the alternatives? (Score 0) 533

There are way to many people posting, "I don't see what the big deal is with Google's lack of privacy..", and not enough people actually supplying possible solutions to this problem.

Google has gotten a lot of support from the Slashdot community over the years, and we definitely helped them grow. We, obviously, didn't do it alone, but we were certainly a factor. We are the people that other people ask about such things. The Tech Nerds. Google originally offered products with ideas and philosophies we all liked. We, in turn, helped spread the word about them.

Now I don't care so much for a lot of their new ideas and philosophies. What alternatives are truly out there? And I'm sorry, but Microsoft and Bing are not an option. Microsoft's new whipping boy, Yahoo, is right out, also. (Yahoo turned to garbage years ago any way. It's just that now, there is nothing to stop their fall.)

What are good alternatives to Google Search and GMail?

Submission + - Employee Kills Self Over Losing iPhone Prototype

hfsys writes: A Foxconn employee in China killed himself Wednesday after losing one of the fourth generation iPhone prototypes. Foxconn has been contracted to manufacture the iPhones for Apple. The employee, apparently hit himself several times, then walked himself out a 12th story window. Despite it being called a 'Suicide' right now, Foxconn said it has suspended their security chief and turned him over to the police. In other news Steve Jobs is recovering well and was back on the Apple campus on Monday. "You guys are not getting paid to be a bunch of clowns!"... "Are you still a virgin?

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