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Comment Re:nothing new at all needed (Score 1) 717

Volkswagen has been selling twincharged motors for some years. Most are 4 cylinder engines but there are also some models with more cylinders. They offer reasonable fuel efficiency with serious torque values even at 1600rpm. They're fun to drive, even in a competitive environment as the autobahn. For me with my 110hp Volkswagen merging is just putting in 3rd gear and revving up from 1800rpm to 4500rpm, no sweat.

Comment Re:HP becomes Palm? (Score 1) 514

I did have the misfortune to work with HP QuickTest Professional 10, so I know the pain.

I see no way for HP to compete with IBM in any area. Their server hardware is competitive but that's a competition with Dell or even Oracle rather than IBM. Maybe Apotheker wants to position HP in the vertical integration league and ultimately buy SAP? If you ask me, SAP is ripe for being bought up.

Comment Re:What They NEED to do... (Score 1) 260

> Up until recently, it was still possible to load XUL from a remote site and get an interface with native widgets, but no longer.

If you are talking about "remote XUL"... this is still possible but has to be enabled on a per domain basis by the user. There is a firefox extension that adds a UI for that: Remote XUL Manager.

The Lotus Notes Webmail client uses XUL elements and it still works with Firefox 5.0 and even nightlies as far as I can tell.

Comment Re:Live CD with Nvidia drivers (Score 1) 353

You will only be able to give it a shot in a VM if your VM supports 3D acceleration in the guest in a way that compiz works without glitches. Good luck with that. The dependence on hardware accelerated 3D is the #1 reason for me to stay away from Gnome3 as long as possible because this would make my ability to work depend on the (lacking) quality and stability of Xorg graphics drivers as far as 3D hw acceleration is concerned.

Comment Re:Its about Storage (Score 1) 325

You are right, Hypertransport was introduced with the K8 architecture along with the AMD64 ISA.

Since then both Intel and AMD have been playing catch-up with virtualization support, with multicore CPUs, SIMD extensions, etc.

I think the most important asset of a chip manufacturer is their process technology and the ability to shrink the die faster than the competition. Intel has been ahead of AMD all the time. This advantage allowed them to take the detours of Pentium 4 and Itanium without losing too much ground to AMD.

The question is: what would be the mind-blowing awesome tech? My impression is that the innovations take place in the space of low power chips and GPUs. For the CPU the future seems to be even smaller structure sizes, larger caches, more cores and for some markets procesors with CPU and GPU cores on the same die.

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