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Comment Why anything else? (Score 5, Insightful) 1153

Why teach History? Few people need that in their daily life or jobs. Why teach music? Other arts? Science? Few people need Chemistry or Physics in their daily lives... etc.

Because Mathematics, like the rest, increase our fundamental understanding of the world around us. It's part of creating critically thinking individuals who have more to give back to society than a simple job skill they learned at an early age. Or at least give them the opportunity... take away fundamental education, they no longer have the choice.


Submission + - Bluetooth spam in public spaces

mrwireless writes: "

The Dutch OPTA, a national telecommunications watchdog, has decided not to label commercial bluetooth messages as spam. These messages seem to fall through a loophole in European laws against spam since they do not travel through an 'intermediary network'.

The issue was raised last week when a Dutch broadcasting agency outfitted a number of bus stops so they would send a promotional video of an upcoming show to passers by. Although the messages first ask if people want to see the video, ICT lawyer Steven Ras believes that this does not qualify as "opt-in" advertising.

As more and more people are leaving their bluetooth turned on to make use of their bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth close-range messaging, such as through bluejacking, is increasingly being used for commercial exploitation."

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