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Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 383

What seems particularly damning to me is the marketing materials. Perhaps there really is only one way to design a touchscreen phone. But check out this packaging comparison and then say that Samsung really only had one option to do *packaging* the way that they did.

You have to consider the whole, and on the whole, it doesn't look good.


Submission + - Lightning Crashes, from Musical Tesla Coils (

heychris writes: You've gotta love the Chicago Tribune's story on Tesla Coil hobbyists from the first sentence. "Under a starry Saturday sky behind a Lake Zurich warehouse, three men unload a small flamethrower, electric cabling, neon-tube "light sabers," about 80 pounds of chain mail and two 7-foot devices that look like monster-movie props." So what does one do with 1.6 million (sorry, not 1.21 giga-) watts and a Tesla coil or two? Play 110dB music, of course.

Submission + - Microsoft to switch focus to Windows 8 in June

An anonymous reader writes: Ars Technica:
Microsoft will be switching internal focus from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in fiscal year 2011. Microsoft's fiscal year starts in July, which is only eight months away. According to Microsoft's roadmaps, the release of Windows 8 is scheduled for release in 2012.

Submission + - The Return of the Holiday Boardgame Guide (

hapycamper writes: Perhaps the oldest running online holiday guide to boardgames, found over at Gaming With Children, returns to pitch a couple dozen titles for the new holiday season. Old favorites like Heroscape and Age of Steam are mixed in with the relatively new like the Tetris-like FITS, card game Dominon, or cooperative game Pandemic. A fair number of kids recommendations are included such as Animal Upon Animal and Go Away Monster!.

Submission + - Is Google abandoning Gears? (

harrymcc writes: When Google announced its Gears technology for giving Web services offline capabilities in early 2007, it looked like it could have a huge impact in speeding the transition from traditional software to the cloud. But Gears never got an outpouring of support from Web-service companies--even Google's own support in its own products has been scattered and incomplete. Now the company seems to be saying that developers who like the Gears concept should focus their attention on HTML5, which will bring Gears-like features--eventually. Is the Gears dream over?

Comment Re:That is your job. (Score 5, Interesting) 474

Um. If you are on the helpdesk - unjamming printers and unfreezing outlook is your job. Your work isn't being interrupted every five minutes, but rather you are being called on to do your job every five minutes.

To be fair, in a 200 person shop, he may also be expected to do sysadmin duties as well as helpdesk. It tends to get lumped together a lot. But even as a sysadmin, your job is ultimately to serve the company and it's clients, and in a small to midsize company, that means rebooting the boss' PC every now and then. Try to take pride in the fact that you tangibly made his life slightly better.

My role in a similarly sized company is basically sysadmin without the title, so I feel for you. There are days I'd love to play with the tech and roll out cool things, and it does get annoying to handle the level 2 stuff (fortunately, I have a part-time helpdesk guy for the basics).

One tip would be to get an intern, and dump some of the support tickets on them. Honestly, I'm not sure how viable a solution that is (I'd be eager to hear others experiences), because I don't know if a CS person will want an internship like that. But maybe someone from a business background would be intrigued; you likely touch every part of the business, and there could be appeal there.

If you're interested in web development, heck, just do it! Do your own site. Do your friends' sites, though set some clear boundaries. This will get you estimating experience, and you can play with whatever strikes your fancy. Then hit up some local small businesses and do their sites. Use that experience to get your next job. A CS Masters seems like overkill for web development. I can't say I know one, but then again, see my second paragraph. :) I do know many web folk without masters, though.

The last thing I'd suggest is to get yourself involved on larger projects in the company. I don't always think to ask my helpdesk guy to help out, but I'm glad when he volunteers. This is a way to learn the tech, the business, and all those fuzzy skills that we don't think should matter but really, really do.


Comment What's stopping Apple from becoming a carrier? (Score 0) 326

Yes, I imagine it's fantastically expensive to get started with the cell tower infrastructure. And yes, as soon as they become a network, Apple won't have too many mobile partners anymore.

On the other hand, Apple loves selling the whole widget. And they certainly wouldn't mind the margins on SMS. And they have a big pile of money in the bank. And they must have some decent infrastructure to handle selling the music and apps.

I'm completely ignorant on the details, but I wonder if the expiration of the AT&T exclusivity doesn't mean doesn't mean they hop to Verizon, but try to do it themselves. In theory, they could even make the iPhone 8 Xtreme hop to 802.11(x) networks. Imagine if all those Apple Base Stations got turned into microcells in a software update.

So are these crazy ramblings? Well, yes. ;) But tell me why they might be true or false.

Comment Re:Budget makes a big difference... (Score 1) 186

I know I'm a few days late on this, but Tessitura is seriously good if your nonprofit is arts-related. The Met Opera wrote it for themselves, and it was so good the Met spun the software off.

I'm honestly not sure how much I can say without violating NDA, but from an IT standpoint, it's pretty straightforward if you have IT staff. If you don't, then you should look into some sort of sharing/hosting arrangement.

I'm not sure how it would work if you were a social agency, though. Tessitura shines with it's ticketing integration, but that won't help much if you run, say, a women's shelter.

Good luck,


Comment The Author's Blog response (Score 5, Informative) 283

Hi folks,

Original submitter here. It seems the root link to the the author's blog is gone, though it's in the firehose submission:

He's posting his entire dealings with Apple, mostly of the form letter variety. Hope this app nonsense gets cleared up soon.


Media (Apple)

Submission + - On iPhone, Searching for Kama Sutra = porn (

heychris writes: Eucalyptus, an ebook app for iPhone, has been rejected from the App Store for "objectionable content". What's so objectionable? The Kama Sutra, available from Project Gutenberg, which is available on other ebook readers as well. Not only that, but the screenshot shows that you would have to search for Kama Sutra to get it; it's not built-in to Eucalyptus. The author is reasonable but frustrated, while Herr Gruber is more succinct.

Submission + - Google Releases Chrome v2.0 ( 1

RadiusK writes: Google has released the second major version of the Chrome browser. This version features more speed improvements thanks to a newer version of V8 JavaScript engine and WebKit. JavaScript-heavy web pages will now run about 30% faster. Other new features include form autofill, fullscreen mode, and improved New Tab page. If you're already using Google Chrome, you'll be automatically updated with these new features soon. If you haven't downloaded Google Chrome, you can get the latest version at

Submission + - Yoda Coders: With Them Friday, The Force Is (

bfire writes: Programmers of Yoda translation sites across the Web are preparing for sharp traffic spikes to coincide with "International Talk Like Yoda" day today. Although there is some contention over the date — some say May 22, others say July 25 — Matthew Ainge, the creator of, and Kilian Valkhof, a 20-year-old web designer, are banking on it being today. Ainge started coding his translator in 2005 while Valkhof recently ported the perl script for an existing translator to Ubiquity. The article talks to both about how their translators work, what their favourite user-generated Yodafied translations have been, and how they'll be celebrating the big day.

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