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Comment Dear Scott (Score 1) 408

Dear Scott

The poster is right you and Jonathan Schwartz were the ones that killed it. I was a Solaris Engineer for over 15 years. Our shops back end ran on Solaris (around 300 machines) but we are now in the process of phasing out Solaris for Linux thanks to you. All the training I have with your system is now worth nothing.

I read the article and you missed what killed your company. You didn't do any marketing. Now I am one that hates the marketing department but still it does have it place especially when playing with the big boys that also use it.

When we would try to sell your products our customers would ask "Sun who?". Look at Cisco everyone knows the name. The average Joe's knows the name Cisco. They have no idea what Cisco does or sells but Joe knows the name from the cute little media ads "The Human Network".

I asked many times to your sales and engineers people "Why not get your name out?" and was told "Management doesn't think it is a good idea." Well no one knew your name so why buy Sun? Sun who????

Damn guys why didn't you run ads showing where you all shined. Little robots on Mars designed to run 90 days and RAN FOR YEARS! The fact that your old tag line was still true you guys where "The Dot in Dot Com" and still are to a degree. If you get on the Internet you touch a Sun box somewhere Everyone uses you but the average person don't know who you are even if they were using your products. I have talked to people that have bought Cisco stock and have NO IDEA what Cisco makes or sells. They have just heard the name over and over again and heard from there broker they are a good investment. How can anyone buy from you if they don't know your name asshole. Hell it was easier selling Linux more people have heard of it more than Sun and you've been around longer and Linux has no marketing budget and Sun had one. Seems the problem lies with you asshole. You should have done your job and got your good name to the public.

The truth is you could have made money with Sun if you tried. I fully believe you've been setting up this sell for awhile to line your own pockets with gold and to hell with your customers (oh wrong word "Consumers") and to hell with your employees.

You said in your article you did it for the stockholders and the employees. Well most of the good employees didn't get to keep their jobs. They quit. They couldn't work for an asshat company like Orcale. So did that work for you??? No. so shut up about jobs. Yes your "Customers" the stockholders did ok. You and Jonathan will never hurt for anything sitting on your pile of cash.

You wrote 'You gotta take care of your shareholders or you end up very vulnerable like we got." This is where you went wrong. You should have taken care of your NAME and branding and the people that used your products and sold them to the public. People like me. No matter how much money shareholders put into a company it isn't going to be for shit if your NOT SELLING PRODUCTS! People can't sell your name if no one knows it you fuck up.

So quit your crying and quit doing interviews its all you fault so go cry to your money and just shut up and go away. Your done here. No one likes you no one wants to hear from you. just go and spend you money on someone like yourself a two dollar whore and have a good time on us.

Oh yes please tell your buddy Jonathan that if I see him I will cut that pony tail off of his head. He doesn't deserve to wear it. He's no pony tailed geek. He's just another corporate asshole.


Damn I do feel better now!

Comment The truth will set you free. (Score 1) 396

As to why I left, it's difficult to answer: just about an anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good.

The only harm honesty and truthfulness would bring is showing what lying and thieving asshole Oracle is.
It is wrong to tell the truth and bring harm on others that are harming others with their lies and money?

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