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Comment Re:Proof please. (Score 0, Troll) 441

In Europe we got Universal Health Care due to the principals of solidarity towards your fellow human beings.

Oh ya, that's TOTALLY why you have Universal Health Care. (roll's eyes)

Here's a news flash for you buddy. UHC has never worked anywhere in the world as well as the US's private health care. Not that the US's health care system is perfect by any means, but it's way better then any socialist health care that's out there.

The Brits like cameras? So what? Do you have the slightest idea about the kind of security they get from those?

Yes I do know the kind of security you get from CCTV. Absolutely none! Cameras might help catch the person who killed/raped/robbed you AFTER THE FACT, but what good is that? The damage is done. Who needs a camera for security when you can just carry a 9mm? Then the only person who gets hurt is the IDIOT who tried to commit a crime against you.

Comment Re:Proof please. (Score 1) 441

Your post can be summarized into two words: Common Sense! :-)

I had never heard of comic books having scripts before, but when I read it in the article summary it made sense to me. What we need in this world is more people with common sense. Unfortunately, it seems that the TSA prefers to hire only those WITHOUT it.

Comment Re:Proof please. (Score 2, Informative) 441

Guantanamo bay didn't happen in another country, it happened on a US military base that happened to be in Cuba. US military bases are US soil.

Sorry, but your wrong.

Your confusing Guantanamo Bay Naval Base with the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Two totally different places.

The whole argument with the detention camp was that it was NOT U.S. Soil, therefore, they could get away with things like torture, no legal counsel, indefinite incarceration, etc.

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