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Comment Re:good riddance (Score 1) 146

I wrote a java client for the 23andMe APIs available under LGPL version 3 or later here

I am using it in several downstream variation analyses, please contact me if interested.

For the record, I am not affiliated with 23andMe in any way, I'm just an free & open source bioinformatics developer.

Comment Gentoo - LinuxMint at home; CloudBioLinux on EC2 (Score 1) 867

Slackware -> Gentoo for many years -> Gentoo + Ubuntu -> LinuxMint

Gentoo+Fluxbox configuration is still my favorite, but I've lost interest in keeping it up, so I've migrated to LinuxMint Cinnamon for my linux desktops and laptops now. The Amazon AMIs I use are based on CloudBioLinux


which is Debian, although I don't really notice. BioCloudCentral is a great tool for launching CloudBioLinux instances


Comment ZUI as a desktop (Score 1) 384

I would love to have a fluxbox-style application context menu and a ZUI as the desktop. The ZUI I have in mind would be a mix of spatial desktop and virtual desktop metaphors -- desktop icons and application windows might be spread out across an infinitely large ZUI desktop, with "links" to jump to various locations.

I have implemented a bunch of the necessary pieces in Piccolo2D ( and have a placeholder project at SourceForge called Sprawl ( To get the necessary integration with window managers though, it might be more practical to implement these ideas in Clutter (

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