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Comment Re:Why not just run Chrome on Android on Chromeboo (Score 1) 133

Few things, AC:

1. Chrome on Android is way, way slower compared to Chrome on Chrome OS. Go ahead, run any benchmark and see the numbers.
2. Chromebooks are locked down to prevent end users damaging their system. nothing prevents you from pressing a combination of keys and switching to developer mode, and then you can format the machine, install Linux or anything else that you want (although not Windows since the firmware doesn't support it).
3. The hardware sucks? I beg to differ. The whole point was to make cheap machines so you can grab it, log-in and start browsing, and you can do it without a problem on those machines. Sure, more memory would help (4GB instead of 2GB) and hardware vendors starts to "get it" (most of them used to offer only 2GB machines, now you got 4GB version and on devices like ASUS Chromebox, you can open it without voiding your warrenty and expand up to 16GB, and replace the SSD.
4. Android has support for keyboard and mouse, but that support is an "afterthought". It really sucks, almost no keyboard short support, and the mouse support is horrible (go ahead, press the right mouse button while doing some work...) and I haven't mentioned yet issues like landscape/portrait mode (try to open Dolphin browser on a PC running Android, see what I mean)

Android on ChromeOS runtime will let the ChromeOS have access to tons of Android apps, but only after the developers of those apps will add some UI that reflects the situation where you cannot switch display modes, there is no touch screen, etc.. It's not some "emulator" which you can stick an APK and run the app.

Comment Re:ARM is the new Intel (Score 1) 110

I'm sorry sir, but I disagree with you.

I'm typing this reply on Asus Transformer TF701T, and I've checked Bay Trail. If this is Intel's answer, then they better get back to the drawing board, yesterday!
This tablet has 2560x1600 resolution and from my experience the battery holds for 14 hours (it got 2 of them). On many occasions I use it without keyboard and I get around 5.5 hours of battery, try that with Bay Trail (without dimming the screen to an unreadable condition!).

Performance: look at this link ( - nVidia's Tegra 4 beats it on almost any test. Try 3D Mark for tablets/smartphones and you'll see that both Tegra 4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 beats it by a very wide margin.

Tegra 4 is more of an "evolution" of Tegra 4 and nVidia is changing it in the upcoming chip, the Tegra K1, and according to early benchmarks ( it beats every mobile processor available today including Apple's A7, and what Intel is doing? still working on the garbage Atom processor and improving it. Someone should tell intel that they need to bring the big guns and also do something about the battery. The upcoming tablets will be using QHD & up resolution (wait till next year when you'll see LG shows 4K resolution tablets, they already have prototypes) - Atom has issues with those resolutions.

The competition this time is different. Yes, Intel got the fab technology 2 generations ahead of the competition, but it doesn't matter much! with the current technology the competition is beating Intel and the gap will only wide. Intel cannot stick some i5 because it will kill the battery. They'll have to come up with something different.

Comment Re:Pet Peeve No More (Score 1) 247

It really depends on which ROM you have on your phone/Phablet/Tablet..

If you have an official ROM from your vendor and it's 4.2.x, then you might have a problem which can be overcome by unlocking/rooting your device and install 3rd party ROM like Cyanogenmod 10.1 or anything else that has Android 4.2.x as a base for that ROM.

Once you have it installed, all you have to do is go to the Settings on your device, scroll down a bit and you should see "Users", there you can do all your management.

Good Luck.


WordPress 3.0 Released 79

An anonymous reader writes "WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors, is now available for download and comes with 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements. Major new features in this release include a new default theme called Twenty Ten. Theme developers have new APIs that allow them easily to implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing), post types, and taxonomies."

DX11 Tested Against DX9 With Dirt 2 Demo 201

MojoKid writes "The PC demo for Codemasters' upcoming DirectX 11 racing title, Dirt 2, has just hit the web and is available for download. Dirt 2 is a highly-anticipated racing sim that also happens to feature leading-edge graphic effects. In addition to a DirectX 9 code path, Dirt 2 also utilizes a number of DirectX 11 features, like hardware-tessellated dynamic water, an animated crowd and dynamic cloth effects, in addition to DirectCompute 11-accelerated high-definition ambient occlusion (HADO), full floating-point high dynamic range (HDR) lighting, and full-screen resolution post processing. Performance-wise, DX11 didn't take its toll as much as you'd expect this early on in its adoption cycle." Bit-tech also took a look at the graphical differences, arriving at this conclusion: "You'd need a seriously keen eye and brown paper envelope full of cash from one of the creators of Dirt 2 to notice any real difference between textures in the two versions of DirectX."

OnLive and Gaikai — How To Stop a Gaming Revolution 125

happierr writes "The gaming industry has been struggling in the last few months, and it is about to struggle even more when OnLive and Gaikai launch later this year. The new services are both a step in the right direction to counter piracy and provide easily-accessible gaming to people with low-end PCs. They might even do for PC gaming what the Wii did for casual gaming; greatly expand the market and draw interest from people who would not ordinarily play games. The services are a real threat for the Big Three video game companies (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo). How will they combat these revolutionary services? There are a few steps that the Big Three are taking to combat the New Two, such as an increased reliance on peripherals and vision cameras, exclusivity deals, and more online multiplayer features, which OnLive and Gaikai will have a hard time matching."

We Rent Movies, So Why Not Textbooks? 398

Hugh Pickens writes "Using Netflix as a business model, Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra founded Chegg, shorthand for 'chicken and egg,' to gather books from sellers at the end of a semester and renting — or sometimes selling — them to other students at the start of a new one. Chegg began renting books in 2007, before it owned any, so when an order came in, its employees would surf the Web to find a cheap copy. They would buy the book using Rashid's American Express card and have it shipped to the student. Eventually, Chegg automated the system. 'People thought we were crazy,' Rashid said. Now, as Chegg prepares for its third academic year in the textbook rental business, the business is growing rapidly. Jim Safka, a former chief executive of and who was recently recruited to run Chegg, said the company's revenue in 2008 was more than $10 million, and this year, Chegg surpassed that in January alone."

Comment Re:Notably missing from the video: (Score 1) 79

Regarding the bandwidth: take a look at the left side of the video, it shows the needed info.

One thing many people missed: Almost at the end of the demo, he shows Photoshop CS4, and then he moves the windows. Take a good look at the cursor, specially when the cursor is out of the window it shows something which might be familiar to any Linux user :)


Mozilla Preparing To Scrap Tabbed Browsing? 554

Barence writes "Mozilla Labs has launched a design competition that aims to find an alternative to tabbed browsing. 'Tabs worked well on slow machines on a thin internet, where ten browser sessions were "many browser sessions,"' Mozilla claims on its Design Challenge website. 'Today, 20+ parallel sessions are quite common; the browser is more of an operating system than a data display application; we use it to manage the web as a shared hard drive. However, if you have more than seven or eight tabs open they become pretty much useless.' Aza Raskin, the head of user experience at Mozilla Labs, has already blogged on the possibility of moving tabs down the side of the browser, with tabs grouped by the type of activity involved (i.e. applications, work spaces)."

Submission + - Carmack speaks on ray tracing, future id engines (

Vigile writes: As a matter of principle, when legendary game programmer John Carmack speaks, the entire industry listens. In a recent interview he comments on a multitude of topics starting with information about Intel, their ray tracing research and upcoming Larrabee GPU. Carmack seems to think that Intel's direction using traditional ray tracing methods is not going to work and instead theorizes that using ray casting to traverse a new data structure he is developing is the best course of action. The "sparse voxel octree" that Carmack discusses would allow for "unique geometry down to the equivalent of the texel across everything." He goes on to discuss other topics like the hardware necessary to efficiently process his new data structure, translation to consoles, multi-GPU PC gaming and even the world of hardware physics.

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