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Submission + - BP oil spill flu - people getting sick in Gulf

baptista writes: People are getting sick in the Gulf states. This is an extinction event.

- Riki Ott toxicologist talks about the toxic effects of BP gulf oil spill people getting sick

- The Newsroom at WOAI reports Gulf oil spill fumes cause mysterious flu like illness a.k.a. TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance)

- Jimmy Guidry MD. LA. State Health Officer sees oil spill "as a huge experiment with our wildlife and our health in the Gulf"

- Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott says people are getting sick in four Gulf states while BP disposes of oil spill evidence

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: WebApp Identity and Access Controls?

jackDuhRipper writes: What are the recommended libs and frameworks to use for an open identity and access control management system for web apps? There are existing user-data dbs. There are new web apps to be built in short order. OpenID and OAuth seem the way to go; where to start for authentication and app-by-app access controls?

Submission + - Doctor Who: what's in the Pandorica? (No spoilers) (

Mirk writes: "Season Five of Doctor Who — the first season to feature Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor — is drawing to a close. Only the final two-part story remains to be shown, consisting of The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. But what is inside the Pandorica? With only a few days left before the episode is broadcast, The Reinvigorated Programmer speculates, on the possibilities."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Trouble With the New Mac OS X Snow Leopard Update (

itwbennett writes: The new Mac OS X Snow Leopard update fixes a number of security problems, but it also can introduce one. As Adobe's Wendy Poland pointed out: 'The update includes an earlier version of Adobe Flash Player,, than the newest one that's available from While the Mac OS X v10.6.4 update does not appear to downgrade users who have already upgraded to Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe recommends users verify they are using the latest, most secure version of Flash Player (' And, as blogger Steven Vaughan-Nichols points out, 'Flash Player is a real stinker of a Flash player with no fewer than 32 vulnerabilities.'

Submission + - A ballsy way to stop the oil leak ( 1

sciencehabit writes: A maverick scientist who made a name for himself by directing the capping of the more than 500 hundred burning oil wells in Kuwait after the Gulf War in 1991 is proposing a deceptively simple way to plug the gulf oil leak: drop steel balls into the gushing well. If the steel balls are big enough in diameter, their weight will pull them downward even through the upward-rushing torrent of oil and gas. So they'll settle into the well at some deep level and begin to clog it. Two hundred tons of the things should slow the gusher enough that it can then be stopped with a more conventional injection of mud, he says.

Submission + - Twitter Crashes Blamed on "Stability" Fixes (

destinyland writes: Twitter is warning users about "periodic high rates of errors on" related to "testing and maintenance," though ironically, the tweaks are ultimately intended to provide "greater stability," according to Twitter's blog. Saying they've achieved record rates of traffic, Twitter says they're also making real-time adjustments to avoid outages during the World Cup, so they're still predicting "a rocky few weeks," but some users aren't satisfied. "There has been at least one outage or issue every day for the past week," notes one blogger, who also blames the launch of a new location-based tweet service. "Am I the only person to think Twitter should get its house in order...before rolling out any new, and often unnecessary, features?

Submission + - DePaul U. to Offer Degree in Predicting the Future (

itwbennett writes: The Chicago-based DePaul University will offer what it says is the nation's first master's degree in predictive analysis, the school announced on Wednesday in conjunction with IBM, which will provide resources for the program. 'We realized there was a need to create a program that prepared students in careers in data analytics and business intelligence,' said Raffaella Settimi, an associate professor at DePaul's College of Computing and Digital Media, who helped craft the program. 'A lot of the professionals who work in these fields have a variety of backgrounds, but there really isn't a program dedicated to data analytics,' Settimi said.

Submission + - Firefox flagsThe Pirate Bay as an attacker site ( 3

Pharago writes: Firefox has started to report its users that a particular set of webpages from The Pirate Bay web have been reported as attackers and it is actively blocking access to them, forcing the user to choose to ignore the advertency or get out of the site.

Submission + - Learning To Be A Computer Security Specialist

An anonymous reader writes: I would dearly like to educate myself further in the mysterious ways of the computer, particularly in regards to computer/network security. The problem is, I am about as computer literate as a stoned chipmunk. So, I call on the wise elders of the Internet. Any suggestions on how to better educate myself while I earn the money needed for a class on the topic?

Submission + - Apple Eases Restrictions On iPhone Developers (

WrongSizeGlass writes: MacRumors has a story on a report by Apple Outsider's Matt Drance that Apple is easing their restrictions on interpreted code used in iPhone development, a change which allows game developers in particular to continue to use interpreted languages such as Lua in their App Store applications. The change comes alongside Apple's further modifications of its iOS developer terms that again allow for limited analytics data collection to aid advertisers and developers, but appear to shut out non-independent companies such as Google's AdMob from receiving the data.

It's not enough of an 'about face' to let Adobe or Google back in the picture but they've backpedaled enough to let the little guys squeeze through.


Submission + - Pentagon hunts Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (

clustro writes: The Pentagon is desperately seeking the "cooperation" of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, in order to stop him from releasing over 250,000 pages of confidential foreign policy documents. The documents were allegedly provided to Assange by Bradley Manning, the same solider who leaked a video showing a US Army helicopter killing unarmed civilians and international press correspondents. (

Submission + - AT&T to Get HTC Android Phone ( 1

artimaticus8 writes: A video made by AT&T has been released, showing how they go about testing their phones, and to show us, they use an HTC Android Phone. AT&T currently does not offer one, so it appears that they soon will be. What can be seen in the video is that it is made by HTC, is using HTC's Sense UI, and it is running Android.

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