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Submission + - Intel Core 2 "Penryn" and Linux (linuxhardware.org)

LHoAugustus writes: "Linux Hardware has posted a look at the new Intel "Penryn" processor and how the new processor will work with Linux. "Intel recently released the new "Penryn" Core 2 processor with many new features. So what are these features and how will they equate into benefits to Linux users? That's what Linux Hardware is here to unravel. In this review I'll cover all the high points of the new "Penryn" core and talk to a couple Linux projects about the impact on end-user performance.""

Comment It's *NOT* over : now we have the MS patents FUD (Score 2, Informative) 643

So, do you really think that the FUD campaign to bring legal uncertainty upon Linux is now over ? Think about it twice.

Microsoft (which has good lawyers, and was probably able to predict this SCO judgment) just alleged the "235 Microsoft owned patents' Linux infringement" just some month ago ! Coincidence ? Anyway we're still in the same situation as before (but without the SCO "proxy"): Linux (and it's users) are still tainted by muddled intellectual property claims, and is therefore victim of (bogus, but still) legal uncertainty.

Coincidence ? Novell was the one large linux actor to buy Microsoft "virtual 235 infringed patents" licenses: now no one but Novell can claim IP virginity (having Unix property and MS "alleged patents" licenses) without FUD threat when using Linux, and can now, thanks to this judgment and they licenses with Microsoft, racket Linux users. No wonder why they're pushing so hard for MS technologies (Mono/C#, exchange-compatible server, ...) on the Linux desktop.

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