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Comment Wanna Promote Coding Among Kids? BAN IT! (Score 1) 281

Ban kids learning coding. Ban unlicensed access to programming tools. Show videos in classes of kids who take up coding then end up addicted to it, spending 18 hours a day in front of their screens. Kids sneaking into dark alleyways, handing over their hard-saved cash and getting a USB drive of IDEs, software frameworks, libraries, utilities. Kids selling their code on the black market, then ultimately getting busted.

Comment Australia versus NZ - major regulatory difference (Score 2) 161

In Australia, burner phones are illegal. You can't even buy a prepaid SIM card without producing and linking it to a government-issued ID. But in New Zealand, you can buy as many burner phones as you want - they're next to the chocolate bars in the supermarket check-outs and cost as little as $10. This makes the Australian rules ridiculous given that actual terrorists and criminals could just visit NZ and post the burners back over to Australia, and use them in roaming mode.

Submission + - Petition to name new Heavy Metal element after Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister

heretic108 writes: Upon the death of legendary Motorhead frontman Lenny Kilmister, a petition has been launched to have one of the four latest discovered heavy metal elements (completing the 7th row of the periodic table) named after him. It seems only appropriate after his vast contribution to popular culture that he be immortalised in the element Lemmium.

Comment Still major bugs (Score 1) 147

I suffered a lot of stress trying to get a final year university assignment finished in time for submission. One of the simplest operations - embedding audio clips within presentation slides - is still extremely flawed. In LibreOffice, it causes a 10-30 second hang after opening each slide. Completely unacceptable in any situation. On the other hand, Apache OpenOffice 4 works normally, exactly as it should.

Then, there's the issue of exporting to MS formats. Some of my university papers require documents to be submitted in MS formats. When exporting from Libre Office, the result is a document that gets completely distorted opening up in MS Office. Spacing, formatting, indentations, layout get completely screwed. This cost me significant marks in the past with a couple of papers before I started arranging with lecturers to accept PDFs.

Yes, LibreOffice is a knight in shining armour. But a lot of the armour is more like tinfoil.

Comment Re:Cue the smug vegetarians (Score 0) 299

I am one of these "smug vegetarians" to which you refer. In fact, apart from the most occasional bits of cheese, I am mainly vegan. All I will say here is that MEAT IS THE NEW TOBACCO. Almost as addictive, and just as much denial. A willingness to play Russian Roulette with one's future for the sake of that pleasant oral sensation now.

Submission + - Ashley Madison Hackers Threaten Release Of All Data Unless Site Closes (krebsonsecurity.com)

heretic108 writes: According to KrebsOnSecurity, the infamous Ashley Madison affairs hookup website has been hacked by a group calling itself The Impact Team. This group are demanding the immediate and permanent shutdown of Ashley Madison, as well as a related site Established Man, or else they will publicly release all customer personal data.

Comment This is only a start (Score 4, Insightful) 216

(Apart from any observations about how technological advances are largely driven by porn and guns)...

I can see some people mounting camera-sighted scope rifles on their drones. Protecting the lives of controversial public figures has suddenly become a whole lot more difficult. Expect an arms-war of RF jamming and anti-drone drones, and countermeasures to these, in endless iterations.

Submission + - Julian Assange: A Compromise Solution

heretic108 writes: I have today sent this letter to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, proposing a compromise to resolve the ongoing issue of Julian Assange:

Dear Ecuador consular authorities,

I write to you with a suggestion for achieving resolution to the ongoing matter of Australian political activist Julian Assange, who remains effectively imprisoned in your London Embassy:

  • Negotiate a deal with the Swedish and British governments for Mr Assange to be relocated to the Ecuador mainland, but face trial under Swedish law
  • If criminal trial should result in a guilty verdict, then arrange for Mr Assange to serve his sentence within Ecuador's corrections system, under Ecuadorian law, at a facility within Ecuador chosen by the Ecuadorian government
  • At the conclusion of his sentence, or upon being granted parole, Mr Assange to be discharged to live out his life within Ecuador enjoying the political asylum he has previously been granted

Mr Assange does stand accused of sexual offences, for which a guilty verdict and custodial sentences are a probability. He does need to account for these matters. However, he is right to be concerned that his deportation to Sweden runs a high risk of him being handed over to American authorities and facing years of isolation, torture and other abuses.

This suggested compromise solution will offer the opportunity for him to attend to his prosecution and participate in resulting legal remedies, without risk of unjust abuses once Sweden is finished with him.

Thank you for reading this letter. I look forward to your thoughts in this matter.

Submission + - "I beat a patent troll and you can too"

heretic108 writes: Chris Hulls, the CEO of tech startup Life360, received $50m in new funding, only to be almost immediately set upon by a patent troll, Advanced Ground Information Systems.
But unlike other startups who simply pay the ransom (cheaper than a trial, most folks figure), this guy went medieval, attacking not only AGIS's claims, but also their entire patent portfolio. Result? Not only were the troll's patents defeated by a jury, but with the heavy publicity, Life360 sent a clear warning to patent trolls that bullies will not be tolerated, going so far as to offer free legal support to other startups who have fallen victim to this troll.

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