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Comment Re:Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich (Score 1) 852

It's funny because conservatives will mock liberals for having "safe spaces," yet they have their own safe spaces themselves. They are completely unself-aware. They will even mock political correctness and people who get offended over jokes, yet their beloved trump has sued everyone and anyone who talks shit about him, and they themselves will try to shutdown conversations they don't like. I've even seen entire waves of people get angry at jokes made towards conservatives made by people who these same people criticize for getting angry at jokes make towards their own political leanings (ei: David Cross and Patton Oswalt). The whole problem from both sides stems from tribalism.

Comment Re: who freaking cares (Score 1) 91

A tool that the general public either does not know how to use or could not spare the interest/time to learn how to use. A game that the general public could find intuitive and start creating things in the matter of a few minutes while simultaneously playing the game. How is this anything but apples and oranges as parent post states?

Comment Re:Is X11/Linux more niche than Windows Phone? (Score 2) 224

It costs money to support software on a niche OS.

Then how does Microsoft get away with supporting apps for its Windows Phone operating system, which is about as niche within the mobile market as X11/Linux is in the desktop market?

It doesn't, I own a windows phone and the skype app is pretty atrocious. Constantly crashes, messages will confusingly disappear, chat history is often inaccessible, almost never receive notifications of when a message is received, etc etc. Haven't been fixed in ages.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 265

Victim blaming? I hate this attitude when it comes to these sorts of things, it always sends the message that people don't have to worry about their own security and safety. In the end, it is partially the victim's fault because if the victim had decided to employ more security and caution, they would not have had their car stolen. Same as how it's the criminal's fault because if they had not decided to be a shitty person on that day, no car would have been stolen. There's a legitimate difference between employing all the security measures you could but still finding yourself in a situation where you are forcefully unlocking your car door by gun point, and in a different scenario having said "fuck security, it's never the victim's fault" and just leaving your car door unlocked of your own volition.

Comment Re:NEWs...the point is it's supposed to be NEW (Score 1) 28

So you don't think any effort should be made to let as many people as possible know about the danger so they can avoid the app until it gets taken down?

That's a good point, I'd rather not see a post for every single new virus introduced into the google playstore. Thanks for bringing in a new perspective.

Comment Re:NEWs...the point is it's supposed to be NEW (Score 1) 28

I was almost sure I was going to get a reply like this. Yes, I'm admitting that I'm going against my own standards of not judging if an article belongs on Slashdot or not. Congratulations on dissecting that for us. Anyways, I'm glad that you lack the attention of the majority of other Slashdot readers and insert "What part of that seems wildly out of place on Slashdot" before reading the next sentence where I state why it seems out of place on Slashdot. I don't know why you're projecting about women in coding, you are make rather large assumptions. I care about as much for women in coding articles as much as I do for men in coding articles.

Comment Re:NEWs...the point is it's supposed to be NEW (Score 2) 28

Exactly, I'm not one to judge whether something should be on Slashdot or not, but even I have to concede that this seems wildly out of place. The plug-in itself has only 5 ratings and 94 users, maybe if there were 100,000 users or something this would be relevant, but the app is clearly dead at such low statistics. Not to mention the functionality is completely pointless, "blocks ads from" -- do people just have a unique extension to block ads for each site they visit? Such a weird story to find on Slashdot.

Hertz Had Sheriffs On Hand the Day It Cut IT ( 301

dcblogs writes: About 300 Hertz IT employees, most located in Oklahoma City, are being impacted [by] a decision to expand its outsourcing to IBM. About 75 will be hired by IBM and those workers [are expected] to receive offers this week while others are facing layoffs. The news was a shock for IT employees. There was "anger, resentment," especially by employees who "sacrificed that work/life balance to keep things going here," said one employee. Hertz took precautions. On the day that IT employees learned that their work was shifting to IBM, employees noticed Oklahoma sheriff patrol vehicles in the building's parking lot. They believed plainclothes officers were inside the building.
"We consider the safety and security of our people whenever there are circumstances or events that could increase the risk of a disturbance or some form of workplace violence," said Bill Masterson, a Hertz spokesman. "Knowing that this was a difficult announcement, we had additional security on hand," said Masterson. "Going forward, Hertz IT resources will be focused on development of future products and services for customers," he said. The majority of services will be cloud-based. According to the Computerworld article, along with severance pay, benefits also include three months of outplacement assistance. IT employees can receive up to $4,000 toward retraining or skill certification, said Masterson. IBM India Private Limited, a IBM subsidiary, has filed paper for H-1B visa workers for Hertz Technology offices.

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