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Comment Re:oh god, not this again... (Score 2, Informative) 335

When will people stop whining about iPlayer being XP only? There's no secret Microsoft alliance, and no great conspiracy.

When non-Windows players (Mac and Linux) don't have to pay a license fee and be excluded from services. Also, the worry is not about the Beeb management, but the iPlayer team many of whose senior figures are ex-Microsoft employees.

The main reason why iPlayer uses Windows DRM is because the companies who produce content for the BBC didn't want their shows streamed without some kind of rights management, because, god forbid, it should end up on bit torrent. The cause of this is most likely ignorance on their part, because, as we all know, DRM stops piracy, saves lives, cures cancar and ends world famine.

That a reason, if it is, to use DRM, not Microsoft DRM. Anyway, it's kind of silly---there are no digital rights management of broadcasts.

There has always been a plan for a Mac/Linux version of iPlayer, but the current DRM requirements being imposed on the iPlayer Core team make it somewhat difficult for them to actually get working on it

Well, sort of, there is plans for a streaming only version for Mac and Linux, but, again, that's unfair treatment to license payers.

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