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Submission + - Student given detention for using Firefox 3

An anonymous reader writes: Several sites are reporting that a student has been given detention for using "Firefox.exe" to do his classwork. No, really. The student was in class, working on an assignment that necessitated using a browser. The teacher instructed him to stop using Firefox and to do his classwork, to which the student responded that he was doing his classwork using a "better" browser (it is unclear whether the computer was the student's own computer or not). The clueless teacher (who called the rogue program "Firefox.exe") ordered him to detention.

Submission + - Google vies for hosted security services (

iweditor writes: "Turning its ambitions to hosted security services, Google claims it is now as committed to creating tools to help end-users defend their data as it is to helping them search for information online. Think Postini and GreenBorder acquisitions. But providing consumer-grade protection is one thing. Whether Google can successfully navigate the sophisticated security issues businesses face online is another. And the stakes could be significant, as a more security-minded Google Apps hosted productivity suite could give Microsoft a run for its Office desktop app money."

Tech Gifts for the Holidays 245

MrCopilot pointed out that every year there are a slew of gadgets geeks desire for Christmas, and approximately 7 million web pages dedicated to compiling lists of them. So why shouldn't we join in the fun. Here are stories from Dallas News, CBS News, Seattle Times, E Media Wire, Detroit News and MSNBC. So lets take a crack at your own list. There's still another day or two where things could conceivably be shipped on time for the holidays. I highly recommend Rock Band, although my aching hands might disagree.

Submission + - House may stop NASA from cutting NIAC (

Anonymous Cowar writes: NASA, in trying to fulfill President Bush's Mars vision, is cutting basic science research such as the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts. Congress, specifically the house, is questioning the decision and calling for the National Research Council to conduct a review and make recommendations.

New Plan In UK For "Big Brother" Database 178

POPE Mad Mitch writes "The BBC is reporting that Tony Blair is going to unveil plans on Monday to build a single database to pull together and share every piece of personal data from all government departments. The claimed justification is to improve public services. The opposition party and the Information Commission have both condemned the plan as another step towards a 'Big Brother' society. Sharing information in this way is currently prohibited by the 'over-zealous' data protection legislation. An attempt to build a similar database was a key part of the, now severely delayed, ID card scheme."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Drug culture begins in MMOE

Anonymous Coward writes: "The adult MMO, Red Light Center, which has been calling itself a virtual Amsterdam, has until now only featured the sex-part of the Red Light District. Today, I've learned that they are now adding in my favorite feature, the drugs! I haven't tried smoking this online pot yet, but I plan to :) Here's my story: day5188.htm Here's the web site:"

Submission + - A development contract for code to be GPL'ed?

An anonymous reader writes: I am working as an independent developer for a client I have a long relationship with, and of whom I used to be an employee. I've made informal contracts in the past for development work, but this job is much more significant. Also, the client has gone to court over software development in the past; he was in the right to do so, but I need to cover myself. The product will be released under the (L)GPL and copyrighted by me, and the client will also be agreeing to open the license and give me the copyright on some code I previously developed.

I plan to consult a lawyer, but I just want a little more direction before I start investing hours. Are there any resources I should know about, beyond what the FSF has to offer?

Submission + - A 2-nanometer-high Solomon's knot

Roland Piquepaille writes: "UCLA chemists have built a molecular Solomon's knot at the nanoscale. The Solomon's knot is composed of two rings that interlace each other four times, with alternating crossing points that go over, under, over and under as one traces around each of the rings. This nano-version is roughly 2 nanometers high by 1.2 nanometers wide. And what would it be useful for? The project's leader offers a refreshing answer: "There is often a connection between the beauty and elegance of a chemical structure and its potential usefulness, and this Solomon knot structure is quite beautiful and elegant." Good luck to her! Read more for additional details and a picture."

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