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Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 1) 406

Isn't it the casino's duty to choose the cards for the game? If they mess up and choose wrong, it's not the players fault. It is also the casino's job not to agree with stupid wishes. For example, players are allowed to ask to play with open cards, if they so choose. It is not against any law (that I know) to have this kind of game. It probably would be stupid, but not wrong.

Comment Re:Women read Playboy too (Score 1) 251

They should have included a copy of Playgirl magazine also,

I'm not against the Playgirl magazine but are they really obligated to please everybody? This ideology is so obviously dead end. It's not like someone doesn't know what Playboy is. If you don't like it, toss it out. I unwillingly see more nudity every day than what Playboy contains.

Comment Re:Yeah, so... (Score 2) 655

Is it a surprise that when you invent a good thing, people will want to use it?

And they will happily spend extra 30 - 60 peaceful minutes by watching TV or surfing internet in their car while traveling. Sure time is expensive regardless but just saying that people are less annoyed by traffic.

Comment Re:auto-refresh sucked. Beware UTF8 injections (Score 1) 546

Agreed, you can already hit that Preview as often as you like, use it.

Actually, that preview button might make things worse sometimes. As I struggle with English grammar and edit my messages little by little while reviewing them in the preview, I sometimes forgot to take effects of all those modifications in the account and the end result is awkward. Like changing something crucially at the beginning of the message and leave later references unchanged accordingly. There is just too many things to think, and something slips trough. While this is my personal shortcoming and I'm working actively to improve my situation, this would be avoided in most cases by having short edit window, not after responses though.

I do realize that you mainly want quality posts, but even with my crappy grammar, I may someday hit the gold, you just wait and see.

Comment Re:Old news (Score 3, Funny) 66

Once they get this production ready, I hope that bug fixes are compatible because I have a long list of those.
  • Algorithms that background process(es) use to defragmentation and dedublicating data are severely flawed and continually cause data loss.
  • The storage medium is ridiculously unstable and corrupts data in unacceptable rate.
  • When retrieving from the cold storage, latency is too high to be practical in almost any real world situation.

Just to mention a few. Could use that quicker information processing they advertise too.

Comment Re:backwards premise (Score 1) 110

Well, I sometimes tend to over do things and it is hard to say what affects the most. I don't drink or smoke at all (I did before) and I eat super healthy now. I try to follow all the health regulations and make sure I get all the micronutrients. I guess pushing yourself to the limits might be the biggest thing, mentally and physically. The extreme stress combined with adequate rest and meditation. It has been something like ten years since I started to clean my act, little by little it started to happen.

Morning people are generally boring bastards.

Yes we are! Before I was interesting but the world felt boring, now I'm boring but the world feels interesting.

Comment Re:backwards premise (Score 1) 110

I don't think anybody is a morning person. I think a lot of people drag themselves out of bed because they have shizz to do. the difference between them and others is that others don't drag themselves out of bed.

Cleaning my living habits made me a morning person. Not bragging, just saying. I just naturally started waking up earlier and going to bed earlier too. I do not feel superior to others. Stupidity, on other hand, appear in both groups. We all have equal amount of hours in day, who cares in which order they get used.

Comment Re:Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

Many Americans and not only see that as unfair approach (also applies to systems such as universal healthcare), since people who work are paying for those who don't.

Giving free money to the poor is good thing in so many ways. It takes power away from the corporations, since you aren't so dependant from the work you do. It is also believed that low differences in income is the reason behind peaceful society. It also may be that one day you face so many problems that you spiral to the bottom and are in need for help.

If I had to choose between US and European way of doing things, I take European way 99/100 times.

Comment Re:Tons and tons of paid posters here (Score 1) 256

I believe that humankind can change climate and I have courage to reveal my stupidity. So, please educate me. As far as I understand climate should be warming. If we are coming from ice age to warmer age, it should not be surprise that climate is getting warmer, right? I also have read that CO2 levels were affected in past, in addition to all other symptoms that we see.

I'm sure that I'm the idiot here and smart scientist are for sure included these and more in their reasoning. Still, that one chart that is usually used as prove, the one with CO2 rising alongside with temperature, is not enough to convince me.

I can't understand this but I'm all for being more environment-friendly.

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