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Comment DRM is not a racial slur... (Score -1, Troll) 414

[a bunch of slashdotters and end users run into Microsoft and see the "interspecies erotica"]

End user: What the fuck?

[the donkey brays as the slashdotters see Hugh Griffiths' "DRM 4 Life" shirt]

Slashdotters: [shouting] DRM??

Hugh Griffiths: Oh, no no, it's cool, I'm taking it back.

Comment Re:Seems like... (Score 2, Insightful) 187

It isn't an issue of the corporation being bigger than just one man. The SEC is investigating because it's a matter of whether investors were mislead by Apple's disclosures. Because while a CEO is just a man, he's a very important man within that corporation and his health and well-being does in fact affect share prices. Whether that should be the case is entirely irrelevant to the SEC's need to investigate.

A corporation is bigger than just one man, but let's put that in perspective:

/. is bigger than CmdrTaco, but if he had Jobs' health issues, it would still affect the readers in one form or another.

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