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Comment Almost dropped on side of HWY by my local 5-0 (Score 3, Interesting) 455

see me on Facebook. Local undersherriff initiated a traffic stop in a dark territory valley (no cellular reception) while I was in my disabled vehicle waiting for traffic to go by before exiting to determine why I was having difficulty re-starting the engine.

Guess what? He jumped out of a black unmarked chevy 4x4 SUV and pulled a gun, commanding me to get on the ground so he could restrain me with handcuffs FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, WITH ZERO PROVOCATION.

Tensions ran high for at least a minute while I desperately tried to calm the dude down enough to find out exactly who the fuck he was and what his problem was, or what crime he thought was being committed.

Comment Re:i wonder...a (Score 1) 388

Unfortunately they tend not to be able to hire "the brightest and best" because those folks tend not to always be on the up and up for the requisite 100% of the time... A little moral ambiguity or tarnished classified file => no bueno.

Is it not messed up that two marines can now go blow each other but can't puff a joint? Even in the states that have declared it "not illegal"... wtf have we come to.

Comment Re:YAY !! (Score 1) 261

No, they would try to talk you into stating that you will poison something before selling you a false substance. Then it would be controlled delivery and they'd take you straight to court on conspiracy and whatnot...

Comment BTC New Deal. NSA, Capt. Obvious...? (Score 1) 256

Does anyone REALLY believe the NSA hasn't had the computing power to overthrow bitcoin at the drop of a hat ever since bitcoin's inception? Tour the cryptologic museum and behold we had boxes in the gulf war that still far surpass our standard desktops/laptops of today.

The FBI 'siezed' some bitcoins by taking control of Silk Road, but what if the US government did what they did with gold during the New Deal in 1933 with Executive Order 6102.

Imagine, "All your BTC belong to U.S."

Comment sysvinit is dead; long live sysvinit!!! (Score 3, Insightful) 362

Tell me I'm not the only one still clinging to sysvinit?

The new "replacements" (alternatives) are ghey++ and will no doubt be replaced in due time.

I dno't want to hear about a few seconds faster boot time. I want my *nix startup to be configurable, scripted, and simple. sysvinit takes the cake;.It's documented, and sysvinit is so simple it doesn't really require documentation, anyway.

Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 220

That's pushing it a bit far, because I think he left me wondering how much further the knife would be pressed in, in coming years...

NOTHING that Snowden revealed was a "secret." His revelations are simply not confined to the realm of conspiracy theory, anymore.

Comment Re:Funding (Score 1) 83

Don't forget the exorbitant costs of shelter, food, electricity/internet for a handful of non-employed cyber-savvy jihadist militants with nothing but boredom and vengeance on their minds. In an Islamic setting, a few $ can buy a lot of hacking time. In western cultures, I don't know about all ya'll, but I have to work full-time, and dedicating myself exclusively to crafting new attacks would indeed take $$$$$$..

Comment Re:completely obvious (Score 1) 35

That's because you didn't opt-out of "publicly" listing your company's infoz, though I've never understood why the fraq any private sector contractors should EVER have such easy access to the data. Alas, it's too late, anyway! I am still getting boatloads of spam from after I first registered on CCR several years ago (like, 5). Never would have imagined listing company infoz for gov agencies to see would lead to copious amounts of SPAM. One company even snail mailed me a nice ink pen with my company's name on it, trying to sell me pens.

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