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Submission + - IE8 Dev Tools Don't Suck 1

BaileDelPepino writes: IE finally has developer tools that don't suck! With every other release of IE, development was a pain and debugging was a nightmare. Now IE has some decent tools--in fact, the IE includes lots of the best features of Firebug.

I'm giving IE8 and its dev tools a spin today, and I have to say I'm impressed. Now, I'm not planning on abandoning Firefox+Firebug for general development purposes just yet, but I still found a couple of compelling new features in IE, including the integrated javascript debugger, javascript profiler and the (really killer) "trace styles" feature.

Even if you're like me and are loath to give up your favorite web development tool combo, I think we can still all celebrate the fact that we finally have decent baked-in tools for debugging those nasty IE-only problems.

I should also point out that version 8 includes a version 7 compatibility mode, so there's very little reason not to upgrade if you can.

Comment disaster (Score 1) 1080

I'd say the manner in which this release was publicized and rolled out (which I'm sure will happen at some point) was dismal. I'm able to get to the download page, where the graphic boasts Firefox 3, but the small type underneath says and links to that version. Not to mention, we're a good hour and-a-half behind the advertised release time. Not the best advert of open-source - makes you think about the expression, you get what you pay for. :(

In the meantime... Opera 9.5 is nice and fast... as is Safari (Konqueror for windows, essentially) Oh, and the IE8 beta is fun - I'm not saying it works, but it can be thoroughly amusing with its renders (eg.

Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting 461

Spamicles writes "The guys over at the Pirate Bay have launched a new, censorship-free image hosting website called BayImg. Users of the new service don't have to sign-up in order to upload images. However, they can assign a 'removal code' to uploaded images, in case they want to delete the files after a while, and tags to categorize images. BayImg currently supports 100+ file formats, and supports uploading Zip and Rar archives. The maximum file size of uploads is 100MB. The article also discusses TPB's plans for launching a video streaming service that will potentially compete with YouTube."
The Media

Submission + - Congress considering more low power FM stations (

Skapare writes: According to a ReclaimTheMedia article The Local Community Radio Act of 2007 [PDF] would remove the artificial restrictions imposed on LPFM by a 2000 law passed at the urging of corporate radio giants and NPR, claiming that small community stations would interfere with the signals of larger stations. If passed, this bill will pave the way for educational groups, nonprofits, unions, schools and local governments to launch new local radio stations across the country. More coverage is at Prometheous Radio Project, Free Press, and Expand Low-Power FM. More info via Google.

Submission + - Harry Potter publisher supposedly hacked 1

akahige writes: Monsters & Critics (and other sites) are reporting that hackers used milw0rm exploits to penetrate Bloomsbury Publishing and obtain a digital copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a month before it is scheduled to hit bookstores. A hacker known as gabriel posted supposed spoilers to the Full Disclosure list. While the veracity of spoilers (or the breach itself) have not been acknowledged by the publishers, fans have expressed great disgust with the reports. Naturally, this raises serious concerns about network security and the fallibility of those both designing and using it — even moreso when the climax of a multi-billion dollar franchise is on the line.

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