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Comment Re:One major enterprise use (Score 2, Insightful) 304

That my friend is one of the greatest problems with Mac/Linux adoption, IT boys are affraid of loosing "power" and are not willing to learn anything new. I speak as a IT boy who supports both Mac and linux servers, but I learned to loose that fear and jump right in . I find it to be much easier to maintain a OS X server or a linux server than to maintain Windowze ....

Comment Re:Sidestep? (Score 1) 238

the word license as you so correctly spelled can indeed mean a lot of things, it could even mean free license... still , my point remains the same ... what would you to to a OS that has no updates , at least not for free ? and you already payed for the software ... (but not the support contract) Will you install OpenSolaris on production servers? i sure will just install linux ... or some bsd or something, this will be a major issue for a company that relies on solaris.

Comment Re:Sidestep? (Score 2, Informative) 238

it may be so ... but .... Quoting Oracle's web page ... "Licensing Information By accessing the software on this Web site, you agree that (1)(a)you have already obtained a license from Sun, or a Sun partner, for your current use of the software; and (b) that your Sun License Agreement, Sun Partner Agreement, or other license agreement with Sun or a Sun partner, together with the applicable Entitlement or order document with Sun or a Sun partner, governs your use of the software, or (2) if you have not already obtained a license from Sun or a Sun Partner for your use of the software, the Sun Microsystems License Agreement on this Web site governs your use of the software for the time specified in such agreement. Note: Programs downloaded for trial use or downloaded as replacement media may not be used to update any unsupported programs " The word LICENCE comes up very often .... am i wrong about this ???

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