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Comment Re: Ridiculous. (Score 2) 914

Pardon me, but I must return the bullshit back apon you, Sir. What if you have no alarm clock and miss your 6AM appointment? Then what are you to do, starve?

How about we just use a different example?: "Sleeping in the park (or your car)." Around here that's punishable by 30 days in jail. And puts you ar risk for missing court and further incarceration. If you've previously missed court for any reason, you're considered a flight risk and might be held in jail for several months awaiting trial, whereby you will likely lose your car and/or all worldly possessions. When finally released, are you then less likely to sleep in the park, after having been "effectively punished"? (By "effectively" I mean "achieved some benefit for society." And it's in quotes to imply that the term questionable.)

The OP suggests that many people being punished in jail did not want to break the law but had no viable alternative at the time, other than perhaps starving or being divested of what little assets they may have had. His point was that, in such cases, punishment does not serve society.

Even if, for the sake of argument, we agree with your point, you've not refuted the OP's statement that there are many other lesser crimes where punishment does not serve society.

IMHO, we citizens must petition our Gov't to use modern technology and scientific understanding to implement more useful alternatives to the current system of broadly applied incarceration. Isolation and punishment cannot crime, because they are crimes.

Comment Re:This guy is not the story anymore (Score 1) 296

WHAT WE CAN DO: Use the internet to promote government transparency, keep a record of who commits law/ethics/privacy violations, and a collaborative action plan. Use a distributed encrypted anonymous system of credibility ratings tied to individual user accounts to identify and minimize disinformation.

e.g. Example 1: A new user intent on disinformation pops into a slashdot thread, and starts grouping the "truthers" with some maligned group (hippies, racists, homeless, crazies, etc), or brings up off-topic hot-button subjects (abortion, gay rights, etc..) in an effort to derail the the thread. The user is downvoted and disappears similar to slashdot. Mod's high cred rating greatly lowers the shill's already low cred.

Example 2: User uploads tar.gz of 3-Letter-Org leaks info but has a 0 cred score. Moderator sees this and up-votes user. Mod's high cred rating means post quickly surfaces, and the new user gets awarded generous cred points.

Example 3: Someone pays 1000 Vietnamese users to make slashdot accounts and downvote post in Ex. #2. Since they are all new accounts, their 0 cred score does nothing....

Perhaps this "web cred" could be a combination of "Credibility", "Experience" and "Popularity". It should be portable, and follow you across sites (if you wish) and be totally anonymous through the use of encryption. You should be able to expose as much or as little of your own account's webcred as you wish. In this way, you can chose to expose which sites you patron. e.g., when you sign on to a new dating site, you are asked for your webcred identifier. You go to and click on the sites where you've generated web cred: ", and" but omit "" because you have horrible webcred there. This generates a token which you give to your new site, and they give you increased account privileges because you have an established persona.

It's an idea that I've toyed with for a long time. If you have skills in math and cryptography, and would like to collaborate on an OSS solution, please email: i8@8drink.8pe8
(remove 8's)

Comment Re:If you really wanted to distance Wikileaks supp (Score 1) 140

Sorry you're right. Governments never lie. Thus, our government did not lie about 911, Iraq, or Afghanistan. And you're definitely not engaging in the classic disinformation tactic of associating non-believers with crazies.

"not fighting for truth?" What is fighting for truth then? What you're doing?

"Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." H.G. Citation.

Comment Re:I had someone file under my SSN this year. (Score 1) 112

Are you giving me an example of a massive fuckup as evidence why we don't need SSNs?

*sigh* Here's a video suggesting why we're fucked by the rich through SS. Jump to 4:15 and 6:10 to to feel that fucked by the gov't (rich people, Bush, right-wing tools) feeling once again.

Really, capitalism is based on continual growth, which is impossible. I wish we humans could produce some smarter outlier individuals like Einstein, Newton, Aristotle, etc... A Tesla of Economics who could formulate provable optimal strategies for the world economy. Seems logically possible. The problem is these kind of economic/social theories are too complex to be understood in the context of a democracy (*cough* republicans, "Jesus says birth control is evil."). Then without a drastic switch in the "purpose" of our gov't, from "ensure no limit to individual power" to "ensure a sustainable way of life".... and/or, a benevolent dictator, we're all fucked.

Comment Re:I had someone file under my SSN this year. (Score 1) 112

I can imagine SSNs not existing. What's so bad about that? How would I identify myself? Like this: "Hello, here I am."

If SSNs didn't exist then it would stop a lot of identity theft. I have creditors calling me for things like unpaid phone and electric bills in states I never lived in. This could not happen if there were no SSNs. I can't think of one good reason for Gov't mandated unique identifiers except for the purposes of totalitarian oppression.

Take for example: wage taxes. An idea once fought against: "The power of direct taxation applies to every individual ... it cannot be evaded like the objects of imposts or excise, and will be paid, because all that a man hath will he give for his head. This tax is so congenial to the nature of despotism, that it has ever been a favorite under such governments." And guess what, our so called "income taxes" supposedly temporarily enacted for national security during war time, has enabled our imperialist gov't to wage war ever since. IMHO, a wage tax, as opposed to a tax on true income which you earn passively from the sweat of others, such as a business's profit, is abhorrent. It makes murderers of us all as we have no way to avoid funding wars designed to secure the affects of the rich by grinding the blood and bones of the common man.

I suppose you'd counter with, "How would people buy small things on credit?" Well, they wouldn't. You secure credit with equity. Society still managed to progress ~70 years ago before credit cards. The SSN and small lines of credit are a bane on society used by people who lack critical thinking skills about the tools of totalitarianism and algebra. Giving a broke person a $100 line of credit which ends up costing them $800 in fees because they're broke is definitely not in their best interests. All the ridiculous profits made by credit card companies is money extracted from the local economy to the direct detriment of the poor.

Give me one good example of where an SSN is not used by a totalitarian regime to subjugate the poor.

The poor don't need credit cards. And they don't need SSNs. Wages are not income. Gasoline should not be cheaper than water. There is no news at 11. Question authority. Eat the rich!

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