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Comment Re:its not censorship (Score 1) 94

Have you played the game yet? An ambulance shows up at the end that you all jump into. Just pull the American's body out of that and drop it at the scene. You are also in street clothes playing a covert agent. There is no way to prove the person was an American soldier from the remains alone.

Comment Re:its not censorship (Score 2, Insightful) 94

No, you are right. But at least in other missions you have to kill the terrorists to proceed, you can't win without killing them. But in the airport level "No Russian" you never have to fire a round, you can walk the entire time, you don't have to shoot any of the cops that show up, the terrorists you are with will do that for you. If you turn and shoot Makarov you can't kill him its friendly fire. If they already knew you were a spy why did they risk having you on this job, why not just kill you, bring your body in the ambulance at the end and drop your body at the scene? Why risk having you screw it up, blow their mission or anything else? Why play this at all? The mission itself doesn't even make sense. Because one American was associated with a terrorist act in a Russian airport they invade the US? And even though one of the Russian terrorists dies in the level no one thinks, oh hey maybe this was a multi-national terrorist attack? The entire level is ridiculous and pointless.

Comment its not censorship (Score 3, Informative) 94

When they are removing a level from the game that is completely unnecessary to play, should just be a video, serves no real point since you don't have to shoot anyone and the mission still plays out the same. The level and your actions in it have no real effect on the game whatsoever. It was for pure media attention which is ridiculous because this game was already going to be huge.

Comment what right does this man have? (Score 1) 643

Why did he feel the need to go and report him to his employers for righting something mean about his article? The man who resigned was stupid to do that, and should have called the schools bluff. And then when the school did fire him he could take both the newspaper and the school to court. This is ridiculous. cue the THIS IS AN OUTRAGE photo

Comment terrible idea (Score 1) 313

Even though I was already planning on buying the 360 version (older laptop can't run it) I still think this is a terrible idea. Dedicated Servers are what make pc FPSs, pc FPSs. This a very bad direction for pc gaming to attempt. Relying upon Infinity Ward for servers means that in a decade this game will be unplayable online... It is DRM in a new form!

Comment Re:You're geniouses among men Sony, MS (Score 1) 223

The sales of the Wii are just dropping to a normal rate of sales per month. People look at this as if the "fad" is over. The Wii is just now starting to move units at the same rate as the other consoles, so if you consider that amount to be low than the other 2 consoles must be doing really bad since they have never had numbers like the Wii

Comment Nintendo's AI (Score 1) 110

I assume this competition will end before New Super Mario Bros. Wii comes out. But when it does, someone should try to get that AI to work on the game for this competition. The AI I am speaking of is the new feature where if something is too difficult you can press start, select an option, and it will complete the area for you.

Comment next-gen (Score 1, Insightful) 177

I'm more interested in what they are going to do for next-gen. It is quite obvious some sort of motion control or capture through a camera like device is going to be standard across the board. I love my Wii but its controls lack depth for certain genres that it should be absolutely destroying the PS3 and Xbox 360 on because of pure precision. I hope they find a way to fix that. Also, with all the services such as streaming movies, streaming radio, streaming tv shows, the PSN, XBLA, VC, WiiWare available this gen. Every console owner is going to expect that out of the box and then some. I am extremely excited to see what services are provided on the next-gen. I also think that whoever makes the best hybrid console/pc first is going to corner the market. Both are pushing towards a singularity Consoles are becoming more and more like PCs. And PCs are becoming less and less relevant for daily use as our cell phones and netbooks begin to replace them with mobility. I think traditional PCs will be a niche in 7 years and if you want to play PC games you will own a console that supports keyboard + mouse. The new console of the future will support email, web surfing, Office suites, etc. They are truly going to replace so many digital devices in our house hold. and anything else we want to do with computer will be done from our smart phones or netbooks that we can easily carry around. Its an exciting time to be a gamer. Never did I imagine this would happen when I was growing up with my power pad and duck hunt.

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