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heitikender writes: JK is a rare and raw oldschool tech blogger/journalist. Just google for his name and stories pop up, lots of them in Slashdot, too. Those oldschools don't ask for help if it isn't serious. He asks and we are here to help.
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Comment videos (Score 1) 403

I think videos per se are a good thing. You can even do audio-only, if you want. What bothers me most on videos, is it mostly shows people talking about some stuff. And instead of showing the stuff, the video shows the person talking. Redundancy. Show stuff while people talking. That eliminates most of narcissism from videos and gets to the point sooner and videos will be shorter.

Comment any camera will do (Score 1) 569

It's not really camera, it's you. My friend is photographer and takes better pictures with Nokia 2110 that doesn't even have a camera than me with Canon Hypermax Red 4K Turbodigital Pro+. It's the moments to grab, not technology. No camera makes you a better (or worse) photographer. I found that iPhone 4S + Instragram works best for me.

Comment Re:200 petawatts?! (Score 1) 575

They really don't have to. Watt is joule/second i.e. power is energy/time. Because the time is so short (10 -9 of second), Power is so big (2*10 15 Watts). So, storage needed is power * time = 2*10 6 Joule, which is about the amount half-depleted car battery has. I don't know how much it is in Library of Congress units, though.

Comment Re:leak the damn thing (Score 1) 264

I'm warning you - if I will still remember to follow this theme in the end of August or whenever that final paper will be out, and she still can't speak her mind, i WILL come back here and reply to you: "Ha! Told you so!" I agree on you, that bad science is worse than no science. Still, I wouldn't muffle anybody. It's like Barbra Streisand effect.

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