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Comment Re:Plain-text EULA (Score 0) 146

So the app store brings in over a Billion dollars of revenue every quarter. A FUCKING BILLION!!! And the split is 70-30 to the developer? Getting raped eh? Do you want 100% Then? I suppose you should write the code for the OS, the code for the server, make the fucking server, host the server, provide the bandwidth for the download for your app, and all that jazz too or do you just want to bitch about shit?

get real. Fair share of the profit? You have got to be fucking kidding

Comment Re:In a word... (Score -1, Flamebait) 1385

I'm not "trolling" Your nerdy reasoning for not wanting to get off your fat ass and walk is something I hear everyday here in Texas. They have these things called backpacks. And yes, when you drive all the time, carrying something more than your gut can get tiring. I get around town by bike or bus. It's not hard, it's actually alot less stressful, healthier, and a whole buttload of crap that is better than sitting in traffic

The real problem is the stupid suburban sprawl that has wasted out cities. Of course it seems unreasonable to commute the way I do if you live 30 fuckin miles from anywhere but HEB and Costco.

Maybe people should start to live and work in a more closely packed manner.

Americans will never in our lifetimes adopt meaningful public transportation. Why? because the majority are dumb and fat.


Submission + - Google to pony up 4.6 Biilion for 700MHz Auction

heelrod writes: "With all the recent talk about cell phones and Americans being in the stone age with regards to wireless here on slashdot, I was curious as to why nobody mentioned this.

A few weeks ago Google made a press release about their intentions to meet the reserve for the 700Mhz Spectrum in the upcoming auction later this year but under certain circumstances.

Some people (CTIA-The Wireless Association) have been harsh to their ideas calling it "Silicon Valley Welfare". They have spent alot of web work to let you know this is a bad idea for Americans.

It's nice to see "maybe" somebody doing something about the mess America is in with regards to it's wireless technology model."

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