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Comment Re:Fuck you (Score 1) 1198

+5 insightful for this garbage. I love slashdot. The guy sees the same sickness in his culture that showed up in the Santa Barbara murderer and he's calling it out. The reaction here, ultra defensive, delusions of being personally attacked, and all of it moderated to the limit, speak volumes about Slashdot, and not in a good way.

RTFA. There is nothing in the article attacking anyone on Slashdot. It's not calling every nerd a rapist, a misogynist, or a killer. It's saying wake up and starting thinking about other people for a change.

No, he is seeing the actions of a mentally unstable guy and blaming everyone in his culture for it - "what the fuck is wrong with us?", "We need to grow up."

I resent the implication that because of the actions of one guy, I'm also a mass-murdering rapist and must apologise for being so because I'm nerdy.

Comment Re:Why are they in the EU again? (Score 1) 341

>In short, we were happy with the old EEC. Anything further should start with rebuilding the EC into something that actually resembles a functioning democracy, with strict limits on the mandate of this superstate.

Is that not ironic UK giving democracy lessons ? Is not UK one of the last country in Europe where church, nobles, and others have life long or hereditary special privileges ( ) ?

No different to the European Commission - the non-elected part of the EU "democratic" process.

Comment Re:Poms are weak arseholes (Score 1) 341

I am one and I agree. We have Chav politics for Chav people.

The place is run by the tabloid press and whatever the latest Witch hunt happens to be. It suits the wealthy for the plebs to be at each others throats demanding jack boots on their own freedom. Bread and circuses.

You couldn't make it up - Foaming mob demanding the death of Pediatricians force Government to disconnect the internet and replace it with Disney, Netflix and Sesame Street.

Having said that, the enlightened Australian equivalent has already installed their own great firewall of China "The web filter will also block access to websites about politically sensitive issues which have changing criminality statuses e.g., euthanasia and abortion".

Enjoy your totalitarian prison convict.

This is one of the issues that make me want to vote yes in the independence referendum. The only problem is Wee Eck and the SNP are just as bad (Im sure a censored net will be their top priority if they win).

The only winning move is to get the hell off this damp, expensive, nanny-state island.

Comment Re:This will be a litmus test (Score 1) 207

Dont need the NRA to whip people in a frenzy. People looking to ban certain types of guns and magazines are the ones that whip people up in a frenzy. Those same people refer to Japan and the UK as a shining example, places where guns are outrigt banned. So when you refer to places that ban guns as your example you are basically saying without admitting that we should outright ban guns. These are the type of statments that whip people up i a frenzy.

Neither the UK or Japan have an outright ban on guns.

Comment Re:bowling for columbine (Score 1) 1633

basically we may reasonably deduce that there's something terribly wrong with american society, resulting in many individuals placing little value on another person's life

The people who will beat each other to death for a cheap TV on Black Friday are also allowed almost unregulated access to firearms........

Also, for the "little value on another person's life", go read the comments of any /. article about healthcare and note the high frequency of "why should MY money help some poor person? They should just die in the gutter." posts.

Comment Re:Terrible precedent (Score 1) 1482

Gay rights isn't political.

You want to be gay? Fine You want to live with your gay partner? Fine You want to call it marriage? Not fine. Marriage is a Religious practice uniting 1 man and 1 woman for the purpose of procreation.

Between gay folks, it's called Civil Union - you get the same rights and shit as married couples, you just don't get to call it marriage.

Discussion over, I've solved it for everyone, if you disagree, fuck off.

Bzzzzt. Wrong. Civil unions do not get the same legal rights as married couples. That's the Whole Fucking Point(tm) of the gay marriage movement.

Comment Re:Im all for human rights... (Score 1) 1482

We aren't against gay marriage because it goes against the status quo. That is just a counter argument to the notion that conservatives are "using government force to deny gay people their rights" where no such situation exists. It is the gay activists demanding new, special rights and to use government to force others to accept their behavior as normal, beyond merely tolerating it.

No, its a change to the law that states that any 2 people, rather than just a man and a woman, can get married. There are certain legal benefits only granted to married couples and the current law is effectively "no gays allowed to have these rights".

Comment Re:Im all for human rights... (Score 1) 1482

They don't have to. They can not offer insurance and pay the fine, they have a choice.

Not paying the fine.. so you admit they're being punished for not offering birth control options. (And no asshole, there's no straw man here)

As an agnostic I stand by the Catholic church on this one. Fuck you.

I disagree. If a company wants to operate in the US they have to play by the same rules as every other company.

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