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Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 183

I don't let people take my picture. And I used to work security, so I know how to dodge cameras without having to act suspiciously. Hint, it's not that hard.

What's more, none of those cameras are hooked into anything. In most cases the tapes are deleted within a month as it's just too expensive to have somebody sitting there recording every time that somebody comes into frame. What's more, the cameras are low resolution and designed to be on 24/7, not for high fidelity HDTV.

Yes, it's something to be concerned about, but considering how few crimes are caught on tape or solved via tape in the UK, I think we can dial back the paranoia a bit. Remember the UK has more cameras than the US does. Mostly focus on preventing it from getting that bad.

Comment Re:Ubuntu is a has-been. (Score 1) 183

Nothing wrong with Ubuntu, except that the people running it don't understand the concept of production code. They may have fixed a lot of the problems that they introduced with Unity, but I won't be installing another copy any time soon. I just don't trust them to refrain from shipping known broken code. I have a pair of large monitors and that unity shit just does not take large monitors into consideration. Hopefully they've fixed that in the mean time.

As far as Mint goes, it just works. I rarely have any problems with it and the distro has taken some effort to insulate itself from the stupidity that has been coming out recently. Cinammon and Mate didn't happen without cause or reason.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 183

Considering that your post is full of various logical fallacies and general shit, I'll take that advice with a grain of salt.

As far as that handle goes, do you really think that there aren't a ton of people that have the name H. Edwards out there? Edwards is a common name, as the AC pointed out, there were no typos of note in that particular post. There was a more conversational tone to the posting, but considering that grammar wasn't taught during the '90s, there are tons of folks out there that don't bother grammar checking their posts.

As far as trolling goes, just because you don't like what I have to say, does not mean that I'm a troll. I know the conservatives on here don't like the fact that I call bullshit and don't bother to be nice about it. But, the fact of the matter is that they rarely, if ever, have a decent response. Most of the time it's appeals to "common sense" which mysteriously involve regurgitating talking points out of place.

Comment Re:Looking at the wrong thing (Score 1) 90

What about if that's the last one they wanted? Doing something like this would result in one beer being wasted per patron. Also, it would result in people who had been drinking sprite to be served beer.

Also, it doesn't provide for the possibility that you might want a different kind of beer or to switch to the soft stuff so you can sober up before leaving.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 183

The difference is that anonymity means they can still collect all your information, just not your identity. So, you're just one breech away from having all of your information spilled to them. What's more, when it comes to online services and such, the name isn't usually that important, they don't really know that my name is Sir Dragon King of the 4th order of New Castle.

Just because one is anonymous, does not mean that one has privacy, when I go out in public, I'm anonymous, but people can see everything that I do.

Comment Re:Easier to carry? (Score 1) 98

A decent ping pong table will fold up and roll to the side of the room. If you want to play it takes like 5 minutes to set up, and if you need the room for a meeting, it takes about 5 minutes to fold up and slide to the end of the room. Or, you just take the net down, and use it as a table.

As opposed to pool, where you absolutely have to put something over the top of it, because it's not going anywhere, between the weight and the very specific requirements to maintain a level playing surface.

Comment Re:"why do people - especially xyz..." (Score 1) 98

Ping Pong is particularly good as a choice because it's a great way to beef up the cerebellum with all that cross body coordination. Plus, it's fairly cheap, the main expense being the room you put it in. Balls are cheap and tend to last a long time, same goes for the paddles.

It's also a great way of developing focus and clearing the brain when you get stuck in a rut.

Obviously, there are other choices that have merits, it's just that Ping Pong is pretty efficient.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 488

Android handsets don't need a new OS for 3 years after release. My Nexus One from years back is doing just fine using version 2.2, IIRC. There's still plenty of apps that work for it and I can't recall ever having found an app that I needed which wasn't supported. The only exceptions are cases where the necessary hardware wasn't in the phone. Whereas iOS developers don't even bother supporting older phones in most cases.

Bottom line here is that apart from the die hard fanbois, iOS isn't particularly special and you're looking at a $650 phone that was creamed by the Nexus 4 last generation, a phone that cost a full $300 less. And looks likely to get creamed again by the successor.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 488

That's a false equivalency. Apple controls the whole process, they design the hardware and set the specifications, they write the software for iOS and they decide which devices will receive upgrades. Plus, Apple doesn't typically release dozens of different models at any given time.

Whereas neither Android nor Windows mobile is so vertically integrated.

Comment Re:Easy answer... (Score 0) 162

I love how the anti-American bigots trot this sort of bullshit out, without context.

The US had a sterling record compared with any other nation that's gone through an industrial revolution. What's more, the industrial revolution happened well before we had any concept of the long term consequences to the destruction. The Chinese are well aware of global warming and the rest, they've chosen to engage in dangerous policies because they view it to be better than enforcing their own regulations.

As far as the lakes and rivers go, again, nobody realized the consequences when things were being built. But, now that we do know better, the water is being cleaned and for the most part is clean.

As for the currency manipulation, you wouldn't be saying that if you knew what was going on. The Chinese government still owns most of the enterprises in China. They withhold pay that should be going to the workers in order to lend money to American businesses and the government. The net effect of that is that you've got a lot of people working for very little and the normal adjustment to the currency value doesn't happen because they're sending cash back to counter act that.

In the long term that's extremely dangerous as at some point they won't be able to afford to keep lending money, at which point the wages will need to rise and when that happens they won't be able to export as many goods. It's going to get extremely nasty if they don't manage it right. Or they'll wind up with prolonged stagnation as things catch up.

Comment Re:Easy answer... (Score 2, Insightful) 162

Until somebody develops the ability to nuke all it's enemies globally instantly, and synchronized down to the second globally, there's no point in signing such an agreement as MAD pretty much ensures that nobody is going to be using nuclear weapons.

Consequently, that treaty was just an effort to bolster China's image on the world stage. If there were really any purpose to such a treaty, it would have been signed a long time ago.

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