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Comment Deflating the bubble (Score 2) 157

Looks like Kickstarter is trying to combat the idea which seems pretty popular around here - that crowdfunding is a bubble waiting to burst. Clearly, not everyone understands that the point of Kickstarter is to help fund a project's effort - rather than buying goods. The goods only come if the product succeeds. They would clearly be better in the short term to ENCOURAGE the misunderstanding - because people like to feel comfortable that their donations will get something in return. But instead, the improved guidelines trade sustainability for short term profits.

I think this sounds like a really good fine tuning of their policy, to deal with real world risks.

Not sure if this is going to hurt or help my soon to be crowdfunding attempt... because I'm not sure how this affects software? Clearly - the new Risks and Challenges section is well needed, though.

Comment Re:well, duh! (Score 1) 95

So far, I have turned down a solid promotion, actually quit my job, taken out personal loans, and burned through my savings in order to work on a project I passionately believe in.

No offense, but that sounds pretty fucking stupid to me.

None taken! It's definitely not for everyone! But a few things pushed me to it:

1) I'm still pretty young and able to take the consequences of failing... and rebound, if it all came down to it.
2) I believe passionately in what I am doing - attempting to help people, rather than working 60h a week just to help the company that happens to pay me.
3) I could never have lived with myself if I didn't try.

I wouldn't say it is stupid - maybe naive. But, for me, I'd say it would be more stupid not to try.

Comment Re:It's an interesting idea (Score 1) 95

The fundamental idea is that, unlike Twitter, won't be beholden to advertisers because its users are paying for the service. It's a good idea in theory.

But the thing is - support costs are ongoing, not a one-time fee. So going forward either will have to continually attract new users - and at a constantly accelerating rate - or else users will have to pay a subscription fee rather than a one-time fee. Maybe that is spelled out somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

The users are paying for a year subscription, so they have that covered. But I still think they are going to have to continually attract new users... otherwise the base group are going to just stop paying.

Comment Re:Tampa Jail Reserved for Protesters? (Score 1) 503

I live in Tampa and was considering attending the event. So when I heard the local ACLU was holding an open conference call for people to find out info and ask questions about the protests... naturally... I called in.

It included a number of Tampa city officials. It was made clear to me that the police are working very closely with the ACLU - and are taking civil liberties seriously.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

"If detained, ask what crime you are suspected of. You may remind officers that taking photos is a right and does not constitute suspicion."

No surprise, the tip comes from the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

Perhaps less predictable is who printed it: the Tampa Police Department.

Also, (last I heard) the police will not be using any sort of mass crowd control measures like teargas (I'm sure they will have their standard pepper spray on them still).

We will see after the convention if your concerns are warranted; but I'd assume this is just standard 'better safe than sorry' preparation.

Comment Re:Starbucks (Score 1) 294


I know I'll probably get modded troll for this but good luck separating [people I'm the opposite of, and hold distain for] in [state below the states being written about] from [place I heard is attached to the object in the issue].

Personally I've never [insert way of using the object in question]. I know it has [something obvious about nearly everything], but [insert something only vaguely related to the object in question].

I know I'll probably get modded troll for this, but good luck separating people who know more than me in Slashdot* from the commenting system*.

Personally I've never used generic templates for writing Slashdot comments. I know it sometimes has its place, but they rarely seem to always be applicable in every circumstance always.

*I think we need to broaden the template instructions.

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 2) 49

I enjoyed it, thank you! The battles definitely take a little getting used to, but were both fun and challenging.

I have a few suggestions, some simple, some more complex I'm sure. Not all needed - just some thoughts:

  • *The game is played using the keyboard only, so I would have liked to be able to control the main menu with the keyboard as well (instead of the mouse). And in particular, restarting the battle when I die. Maybe it's available, I just wasn't sure the key to press.
  • *Overlaying the keys on top of the onscreen elements would have really rocked. :)
  • *In the the Story Mode, it looks like the spells switch spots in between levels/when I get a new spell. That was a little confusing at first.
  • *If I don't have enough magic to use a spell, maybe a sound or a small message for when I try - that would have rocked. Probably a message, a sound might get annoying when I'm smashing it over and over lol.
  • *I couldn't find a pause. And when I hit escape to see if there was a hidden menu, I lost my progress.
  • *On my crappy laptop, there was a bit of a delay when I come across a battle (which is fine), but some signal that it was switching over to a battle would have been nice. Maybe a character popping up, or maybe a message. That way I knew what was happening when it stopped.

Just some small improvements I think would round out a short but enjoyable game nicely!

Comment Nonsense article (Score 2) 332

The sum total of the link:

"But I also will not deal with this sort of head-up-ass behavior from a distributor. You don’t tell someone “The problem is the live links,” and then, when that person has complied with your change request and removed the live links, turn around and say, “No, no. The problem is the CONTENT. You can’t mention Amazon in your lesson." - Holly Lisle

Sounds like a misunderstanding, in which the author is trying to profit from by complaining. There are a number of approved iBooks where Amazon in the main focus, rather than just a few mentions.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not really an Apple fan... . I believe they have anti competitive practices. But oppression? This is not...


Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 264

Some of the most critical insights we need to hear are in direct opposition of established institutions.

Sometimes these institutions are powerful in themselves. Other times, they may not hold far reaching power, but the ideas are most obvious from within the organization itself. So the people who have the knowledge to actually justify an idea are the ones with something to lose.

I agree with you completely. From a ‘benefit to society’ point of view, the cost is way too high for this to become the norm. But even from an individual site’s perspective, controversial (but insightful) comments are the kinds of posts which really validate the user community as one which is critical and open-minded. They often contain critical insights about the world we live in.

It is important to decrease trolling and poor comments, but are you losing more than you are gaining by forcing real names? Especially when there are alternatives. Some effective tools already exist, like good moderation and feedback/karma/ratings. Innovation in these areas, to improve them, is the way to go - rather than giving up and removing anonymity.

Submission + - East Texas Getting Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant (

transporter_ii writes: A compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant was first built in Germany in 1978, but East Texas will be the site of one of the world's first modern CASE plants. How does it work? A CAES power generation facility uses electric motor-driven compressors (generated by natural gas generators) to inject air into an underground storage cavern and later releases the compressed air to turn turbines and generate electricity back onto the grid, according to the plants owner. The location near Palestine, Texas was selected because of its large salt dome, which will be used to store the compressed air. The plant is estimated at 350 million-plus, and will create about 20 to 25 permanent jobs.

Comment Re:No wrongful death? (Score 1) 683

..and you seem to be defending a world where everyone should shed their protective layers and bond in some kind of emotional orgy.. That's the trend in culture nowadays and it's bad for us in the long run. it's what breeds this kind of extreme behavior in the first place, from suicide, to columbine. People have become vats of nitroglycerine, ready to go off at the smallest jab. People NEED to handle this better.. and, no, talking about your feelings and 'expressing your feminine side' doesn't work very well for guys, but, of course, everything is judged by feminine ideals nowadays...

people are weak. they should strive to be stronger than that and the culture should support this.. they don't know how to cope because we make sure we beat the spine out of 'em by the time they enter 6th grade, under the guise of 'preventing violence,' and promoting 'tolerance.' All it really does is is breed passive aggressive behavior, in both bullies and the bullied. this has a major role in both ravi's and clementi's behavior.

if you want privacy, don't have sex in a shared dorm room. I do'nt know what else to say.. This is just pragmatic, tactical logic. seriously, if there's a camera or a computer in the room, make sure it's off.

I agree... but he was just a kid. Don't be so disconnected.

Comment Re:Crowdsourced = Majority rule (Score 1) 114

The fact is, that those possessing high intelligence, problem solving skills, and fairness are a minority. Outside of this little slashdot bubble, the majority of people are not capable of understanding problems, let alone solving them. They are incapable of making good decisions for themselves, let alone making decisions for everyone

"And thats why you should vote ME for president"

Ah bullocks. The 'most people are dumb besides the ones I agree with' argument is nonsense. When concerning same sex marriage, when you combine those in favor of full marriage and those in favor of civil unions, it is definately the majority. So your issue is that you want a no-compromise approach, and you're not getting the support you desire? I'm for same sex marriage, but I wouldn't want to pass it now, in a divided country where we can barely even get a "our government will pay its debts" legislation passed (which is caused by a MINORITY opinion influence). The entire focus of the conversation would shift to gay marriage, instead of the most pressing issues we have today - and I'm not willing to sacrifice that. Make some progress - and then move on. That's what majority opinion says - and that is FAR from suppressing rights.

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