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Comment JAVA is safe - Applets are not. (Score 1) 102

I had to deal with a client who wanted a .Net application because "JAVA had major vulnerabilities". Who told him this stupidity ? A "specialist" in .Net applications ! WOW ! I had to spend 3 full days to explain to him what is Java, what is an applet, why nobody uses applet anymore except the old dinosaurs who don't want to die and why it is safer and cheaper and better for him to use Java servers and applications.

Stop the bullshit ! Java is as safe as or even safer than any other technologies.

And for the so-called "systems admins" who don't understand the differences between a Java server and a Java-applet, RESEARCH, LEARN OR GO TO HELL !

Comment Javadoc - non-opensource (Score 1) 472

This is a valid example if you own or have access to the source code. But, in Java for example, in the case you just use an external non-opensource library, how the heck a Javadoc is useful if there are no comments at all on some important complex methods just based on the name and the parameters ? At some point, wouldn't it slow down the coding ?

Comment OffShore Programming (Score 2) 285

I can't wait to see the result of the code for the project that my company decided to develop offshore, in India. I am sure that our clients will be pleased to learn that we will not be able to debug a fucking line of code on site.
What a fucking great idea ! yeah !

Why don't you just write it in our beloved Universal Language "Esperanto" ? It should be even easier to maintain... It is UNIVERSAL !....

I believe that sometimes, if nobody invented a specific thing, maybe it's because this thing is fucking stupid. Try it, figure out by yourself that it is so stupid that even your mother would disown you, then trash it forever.

Comment Comply to the rules or quit (Score 1) 671

You chose this job. You know the rules. If you disagree with the rules, maybe it means that this employer work policies are not meant for you. You should search for an other job and quit. Otherwise, use your OWN laptop for personal stuff. Travel with 2 laptops, or a tablet, or whatever you use at home. Use your PERSONAL laptop for PERSONAL stuff (porn movies, bit torrent downloads, participating to DDOS attacks as an Anonymous peon, taking photos of your penis in the hotel room, etc.) and use your PROFESSIONAL laptop for PROFESSIONAL stuff ONLY. What is hard to understand ?

Comment Do you know ... ? (Score 5, Funny) 137

I assume that you know you posted your question on slashdot . So I can assume you know it is a cave full of nerds and geeks all over the place. Some are staring at you from the the ceiling, others are cowardly anonymous and invisible, some also pretend not to be nerds by referring to nerds as "they", "them", "the nerds"... hum...
But all of them have something in common: they need SPECIFICS, they need to know EVERYTHING, they are paranoiac, they are whiners and they hate non-sense !

Examples :
  • - You say, "I was hoping Slashdot could suggest a reliable hosting service for that type of project." What type of project? Define "reliable". (nerd 778537)
  • - To be more specific, why are you trying to upload the entire contents of your hard drive to a web server? (nerd 778537)
  • - What the heck is Electronic Writing that it needs a course separate from "regular" writing? (nerd 679911)
  • - 500GB of words is 55 metric arse-loads. What are you not telling us? (nerd 679911)
  • - You might have asked us what the best sports team is, frankly. (nerd 137809)

Do you really expected to get any valuable answers with your non-specific question ? yeah... be sorry.

To answer to your question anyway, I need to know what kind of movies are you trying to upload illegally ?

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