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Submission + - MasterCard lubes up PayPal with Digital Wallet Fee (

head_dunce writes: "MasterCard Inc, one of the largest payment networks, said earlier this year that it plans a new fee for digital wallet operators like PayPal starting in June.

Historically, Visa and MasterCard viewed PayPal's success in the online world cautiously, but they were also happy because the service generated extra e-commerce transactions that ultimately got processed through their networks.

At a conference last month, Chris McWilton, president of MasterCard's U.S. Markets, complained that PayPal "rides for free" on other companies' business models."

Submission + - Honda Gives Free Solar Installations (

head_dunce writes: "In a first for an automaker, American Honda Motor Co.will offer free home solar systems to customers, hoping the incentive will help its green reputation and make solar power more affordable.

  "Honda and Acura customers and dealerships will be able to install solar power with little or no upfront cost, depending on the customer's choice of plans. Customers will be given a choice to pre-pay for their solar electricity or pay a monthly payment that will be lower than the cost of their current utility bill, with insurance, repairs and monitoring service included," according to the company.

Customers in SolarCity's 14-state area are eligible: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. Interested customers can visit and get a free web or phone consultation.

The total cost of installation and equipment is typically $10,000 to $20,000 for a residential solar system, the spokesman said."

Submission + - Congress takes up online sales tax (

head_dunce writes: "A bill introduced Thursday by a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers seeks to make it easier for states to collect sales taxes stemming from online purchases. Amazon is among the e-retailers supporting the proposal, while a lobbying group representing eBay and stands opposed."

Submission + - Dear Bill Gates, Glyn Moody, and Gartner analysts: it's time to eat crow. (

head_dunce writes: "Now that Red Hat has officially posted more than a billion dollars in revenue, ($1.13 billion to be exact), the company's PR department sent this funny list of quotes predicting doom. For instance, "We think of Linux as a competitor in the student and hobbyist market but I really don't think in the commercial market we'll see it in any significant way." Bill Gates, 2001."

Submission + - First $1 Billion Open Source Company (

head_dunce writes: "According to this article "Red Hat will announce that it has officially crossed the billion dollar line in when it releases its Q4 and fiscal year earnings statements on March 28th." I just hope they are right with their prediction, because the rest of the article really doesn't have a clue what Red Hat really does. — Anyway, congrats to the guys at Red Hat!"

Submission + - Fermilab poised to hit the off switch (

head_dunce writes: "At Fermilab in Batavia Illinois the Tevatron accelerator, an underground loop that accelerates protons for the head-on collisions that have provided breakthrough science, will be shut down at 2pm Friday.

"There is some sadness, yes, because it's the end of an era," said Fermilab Director Pier Oddone. "On the other hand, it's a celebration because the Tevatron had a life of 2 1/2 decades and it was a very adventurous and daring life.""

Submission + - First billion dollar open source software vendor ( 1

head_dunce writes: "Red Hat is coming out way on top in this economy. Total revenue and subscription revenue for this quarter is up 28% year-over-year. Jim Whitehurst, President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat said, "Based on the strong first half results, we believe Red Hat remains well positioned to finish fiscal 2012 as the first billion dollar open source software vendor.”"

Submission + - SPAM: First chatbot conversation ends in argument 1

head_dunce writes: "Two graduate PhD students at Cornell University gave voices and 2D avatars to a pair of online "chatbots", which they named Alan and Sruthi.

Jason Yosinski and Igor Labutov explained to BBC News what happened when they left the robots to converse and why they were "stunned" at the results."

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