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Comment Re:I deeply dislike the end-run aroudn the courts (Score 1) 270

EULAs are unenforcable in the EU if they're for a packaged product you bought in a store. If you buy something online on Steam, where you only "subscribe" to an online service, they are part of the contract and very much enforceable.

However, we don't really have class action lawsuits here, or punitive damages...

Comment Re:Protest Party (Score 2) 242

Some of it will be protest, but the German Pirate Party is also consistently getting votes from people who had previously stopped voting. Maybe going to vote again is protest for you too, but in Germany's on-going trend of sinking participation in elections, the Pirate Party is the only political party that is gaining votes in absolute numbers.

Comment Re:Why Not Support the Remaining 99% to Also Steal (Score 4, Interesting) 242

It should be noted that the German Pirate Party has strayed a little from its root of copyright criticism. It's pretty much a left-wing liberal party now that has some ideas concerning copyright and privacy, but also advocates other concepts such as free education, a citizen's income, deregulation in certain areas, voting rights for foreign citizens, sustainable energy sources, and so on.

Even in traditionally tech-savvy Germany, a party that only focuses on copyright and patents can't get 8% in parliamentary elections. An important factor in the Pirate Party's success in Germany is that it's very easy for anyone to participate in the political discourse within the party, but after 6 years and with 30k members now, that was bound to produce something more than just "copyright law is broken".

Comment Re:Can someone explain to me (Score 2) 242

It's not only the votes of the disappointed. Less Germans are voting overall, and this has been a trend for years, but while the established parties are all losing votes and pretty much only gain percentage points when they just don't lose as much as the others, the Pirate Party has been gaining votes, including from people who had previously decided not to vote in past elections. Their success is not only an expression of disappointment, it's also an expression of renewed hope and belief in the democratic system at a time when more and more Germans are losing that belief.

Comment Re:I've got it (Score 2) 45

Seconding that statement about Avadon. It's one of the best CRPGs available for tablets. It's still great on PC, especially if you don't need a multi million dollar graphics budget in your games. Admittedly the graphics are a weak point, the developer has been making this kind of game for a long time (since the 90ies) and I remember seeing some of the sprites and tiles used in Avadon in some very old games :) Name is "Spiderweb Software", if you've been around long enough you may remember Exile: Escape from The Pit that is going to get its second remake this April (or a couple months ago if you're on a Mac).

Zen Bound 2 is also an awesome game, but it kind of works better on a tablet as touching the object you're wrapping feels much more natural. Along with Canabalt, Zen Bound is one of the games that really stood out when they initially appeared on iOS. Canabalt has the "problem" that there are tons of side scrolling running games on tablets now.

Comment Re:Summary is bullshit flamebait (Score 4, Insightful) 290

Was about to post this... the summary gives an entirely wrong idea. All four linked sources have it right, but slashdot being slashdot manages to get it all wrong...

Note that in some countries this is also a language issue. There is a difference between defects liability (two years in the EU, applies to the business that actually sold you the product, first six months the burden of proof is on the seller) and a warranty (a promise that a business may make as part of a business transaction, such as the one year warranty that Apple provides voluntarily but that is not required at all by EU law). In German these are also clearly distinguished ("Gewährleistung" vs. "Garantie") but in French, for example, as far as I know it's one word for both ("garantie").

So the problem here is that Apple is being misleading due to a language issue and failing to explain the difference between different types of a "garantie". There isn't really a story in this anyway, anyone who knows how warranties and defects liability work in the EU knows that Apple as a manufacturer can only be offering a voluntary warranty, and that the store where you actually buy the product is subject to defects liability, and it's not Apple's job as a manufacturer to explain that on its web site.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 1) 619

He could file for trespassing at least (more if the door is not unlocked). But not for theft. And he would of course have to explain how the stolen iPad ended up in his house. So he probably wouldn't do it.

It might be worth to try and just walk up to the door and knock, then offer the person a chance to give the device back without involving the police.

Comment Re:I refuse to play GTA on a tablet (Score 1) 309

First off, Cyan did actually port Myst and Riven to iOS and are working on a port of realMyst.

As for the fast movement, you can hook up an iPad to a TV via HDMI just like any other console, and you can use an iPod Touch as a touch controller like Nintendo thinks is a good idea to do with the Wii-U. There aren't that many games that are made with this in mind right now, presumably because customers aren't really interested in doing it, but it's what I think will happen. Consoles will disappear and people will instead hook up their current mobile phone to a TV set and a controller.

Comment Re:hardware limits (Score 0) 309

No, that's exactly not what he's saying. "Games people want to run" being available on a different platform is not the same thing as "content that requires less mental effort" available through a only slightly different channel.

In reality of course both books and magazines as media (not the content) are dying for the entirely same reasons why consoles are dying.

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 2) 309

OK. enough silliness.

First, you didn't read the title of his presentation.

"When the Consoles die..."

He is using the word "DIE", not gradually shift or decrease. This is a hint that he is going the Tabloid route with
sensationalistic (no credibility) headlines just to grab your attention.

I don't really believe in only reading titles. He explains what he means by "die", including that it can mean that the "dying" platform doesn't even lose sales, but just becomes less and less relevant compared to an overpowering newcomer.

He does not have a graph showing the profit for tablet and phone games.

In particular, he notes that there were 500 million downloads of Angry Birds. However, on ITunes, Angry Birds
is a free game! This is not making massive profit.

This is incorrect. On iTunes, Angry Birds is a $0.99 game. The Android version is free, and according to wikipedia (I'm not going to call Rovio and ask), Rovio is making about $1 million per month from ad revenues from the Android version alone.

I'm not sure the argument stands and falls with Angry Birds, though. It's just one of his examples.

Comment Re:hardware limits (Score 1, Informative) 309

Consoles have never been ahead of PCs in technology. They're nothing but gaming appliances with enough performance to run games decently. How are they technologically ahead of PCs??

The current generation of consoles is six years old. Still, PCs are only just reaching them in terms of e.g. parallelization (what consumer PC had a six core CPU in 2006 when the PS3 came out?) or the insane bandwidth between CPU and GPU (Xbox 360: 10.8 GB/s each direction, PCIe 3.0 x16: 16 GB/s, but that only became available in the last two years).

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