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Comment Do the jobs you want require Certification? (Score 1) 317

What you want and think is immaterial.

It is all about what your future employer values.

The options are:

  - The actual certifications matter to the employer. Unlike many longer established professions such as for instance law, medicine, architecture, which by law require professional accreditation before you can practice it professionally, IT so far has few if any such legal requirements. But the trend in industry regulation and quality improvement (such as ISO 9001) makes certification of your staff an easy, objective metric to "prove" a (minimal) level of staff competency. Without certification you simply won't be considered.

- The actual certifications don't really matter to the employer. It's about the actual skill level, but by using any number of common industry certificates in the job description you convey skill levels and areas that are important to the role. Your CV should make it glaringly obvious then that you're the right candidate.

As the candidate you don't know beforehand which is the case... :( although you can always try to inquire beforehand.

My personal opinion for a good number of certificates is that if you've been working with that particular technology for some time (and maybe with some self-study) you can simply show up for the exam and pass, without an expensive training beforehand. When a current employer doesn't want to pay, you can often qualify for some tax deductions when you pay for them yourself.

Or more bluntly; if you think you're THAT good and so much better then somebody who "only" has the piece of paper, then getting the actual certificate should be trivial for you and why don't you?


Best Places To Work In IT 2010 205

CWmike writes "These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Computerworld's 17th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders. The Employer Scorecard ranks IT firms based on best benefits, retention, training, diversity, and career development. Also read what IT staffs have to say about job satisfaction. How's your workplace, IT folk?" Read below for a quick look at the top 10 IT workplaces according to this survey.

Decades-Old Soviet Reflector Spotted On the Moon 147

cremeglace writes "No one had seen a laser reflector that Soviet scientists had left on the moon almost 40 years ago, despite years of searching. Turns out searchers had been looking kilometers in the wrong direction. On 22 April, a team of physicists finally saw an incredibly faint flash from the reflector, which was ferried across the lunar surface by the Lunokhod 1 rover. The find comes thanks to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which last month imaged a large area where the rover was reported to have been left. Then the researchers, led by Tom Murphy of the University of California, San Diego, could search one football-field-size area at a time until they got a reflection."

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